A one-stop convenient financial management system, with close to $50 million of assets under management in just under 4 months of operation

With the boom of Web3 and DAO organizations, the demand for a financial management system that is specifically designed for Web3 teams, and built for the highest security has increased dramatically. Since several well-known financial management systems in the market catered only to transfer payments, The Safe Treasury team spent months building a one-stop highly secure and efficient financial management system for Web3 projects and organizations, providing asset consolidation, payment, and disclosure functions all in one place! In just four months since its launch, many Web3 teams have signed up to use Safe Treasury with total assets under management close to $50 million and growing!

Managing assets and wallets is a complex issue for many  Web3 teams, involving many aspects of asset consolidation across chains and exchanges, smart contract collections, and payroll. Safe Treasury is a one-stop financial management system for Web3 teams, supporting the integration of user wallets, contract addresses or exchange assets, as well as providing transfer and payroll functions, with financial tagging to generate real-time and detailed financial reports. Payments can also be made in single or multiple batch transfers, making the financial process more flexible and efficient! Safe Treasury also standardizes the workflow of Web3 organizations. (For more introduction of Safe Treasury, here is the video link: https://youtu.be/nVCkgf-7bdc )

In today’s Web3, the most critical issue is security, and Safe Treasury make it the primary focus for team development and maintenance. In terms of system and data security, Safe Treasury provides a large-amount transfer reminder, and team operation and login records are directly uploaded to a centralized server where they are permanently kept, giving our customers peace of mind!

Functionality, Safe Treasury also provides a “financial disclosure” feature that is different from other financial management systems in the market, allowing investors or members to easily set up a disclosure page for viewing an organization’s financial status without having to create a separate financial report. This enhances financial transparency and significantly reduces financial or accounting workload. In addition, customers can also choose whether to have the financial disclosure page placed on the Transparency DAO, allowing users who are interested in Web3 organizations to have a clear view of their financial status.

In the future, Safe Treasury (https://safetreasury.io/) will invest more capital and labour to continue to improve information security to provide a higher level of data security protection. In addition, Safe Treasury will continue to provide customers with an excellent financial management experience, while satisfying the needs of project teams, investors, and organization members. Safe Treasury is also committed to improving the complex Web2 financial process, and leading the transformation of Web3 financial management.!