Older pieces of technology often fetch a high price at auction. One of the only two surviving prototypes of the original Macintosh recently netted the seller $150,075.

Computer enthusiasts always had a soft spot for older Macintosh computers, regardless of their design and state.

A Very Unique and Expensive Macintosh
In some cases, an old Macintosh in working sate can fetch a ludicrously high value.

The recent sale of one of the only two surviving original Apple Macintosh prototypes fetched quite a high price at auction.

While the unit itself sold for $120,000, the buyer’s premium pushes the total cost to just over $150,000.

Bidding for this piece of computer history started at $95,000, which many people already felt was too high.

What makes this model so unique is the built-in 5.12-inch Twiggy disk drive.

It was not necessarily a disk drive Apple was too happy with, as it had become obsolete prior to the Macintosh going into production.

With just a few prototypes ever being developed, it is evident that getting one’s hands on such a model would be incredibly difficult.

It is certainly a piece of history that would look great in anyone’s collection, assuming they can afford it.

It is unclear what the buyer plans to do with the machine exactly.


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