AndusChain, developed by Park Sung-joon, CEO of Korea’s blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, announced that it is ready to leap forward this year. AndusChain contains the meaning that I, you, and we should move forward together. DAON Coin, the underlying asset of AndusChain, implies that all of them should gather as AndusChain.

In response to the Korean government’s negative policies related to cryptocurrency, he has worked as a professor to revitalize Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency, including 850 lectures, and has developed and introduced AndusChain to the world to prove whether blockchain and cryptocurrency are Korea’s future and young people’s hope.

AndusChain was developed based on Ethereum, which is most suitable for realizing an economic ecosystem that lives well together with blockchain philosophy and ideology. In particular, it is the only public permissionless blockchain in Korea developed with the aim of sustainable decentralization, a fundamental problem for all blockchain platforms as well as Ethereum.  AndusChain is a fair blockchain platform created by all users by allowing anyone who wants to mine to have the same mining probability regardless of computing power (PoW) or equity (PoS) to realize sustainable decentralization.

In particular, among the existing public unauthorized blockchains, it boasts 300 TPS, which is a high speed, and operates a minimum fee (1/100 of Ethereum) policy that is very less than Ethereum fees. Of course, when operating in a public permit type, the speed can be improved at any speed depending on the configuration.

AndusChain opened its blockchain platform from May 1, 2021, starting with the public recruitment of 150 AndusChain miners in March 2021, and is currently stably operated by 310 AndusChainers. In addition, AndusChain’s underlying asset, Cryptocurrency Daon, is listed on the Probit Global and CoreDax exchanges.

In addition, to revitalize the AndusChain-based Daon ecosystem, it has already signed service contracts with about 15 blockchain companies, including real estate NFT, and plans to open at least 10 services starting with AndusChain-based real estate services in April this year.

And an AndusChain official urged you to pay attention to some services. Most representatively, it is a real estate NFT project, and to this end, a large Korean glasses chain franchise company and a new corporation have been established and promoted. In the case of the real estate NFT business, it is said to be an innovative service that uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to dramatically solve the Korean real estate problem and informs everyone why cryptocurrency is needed. The service is also preparing projects such as Digital Twin, which have different characteristics from the existing virtual real estate business, and is scheduled to be launched in the second half.

AndusChain completed a close relationship with accelerators and venture capital last year to realize the ultimate goal of the project, and is preparing to hold a conference to revitalize the blockchain-based start-up ecosystem for prospective founders and the general public dreaming of starting a business in the first half. The CEO of AndusChain aims to recognize AndusChain and cryptocurrency Daon to everyone this year, and based on this, actively in the second half of the year.


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