Advent Store is a jewelry store with its own crypto currency.  A currency that has a very interesting purpose, that of adding 3 sources of income for participants.  This coin is created by the Advent team, a team of people with ambition and experience.  We managed to get in touch with their CEO, David, and we did an objective and quick interview.

  Q: Hello, David!  Please explain to everyone, what is the project about?

  A: Greetings to all readers! I’m David Andrew, CEO of Advent Coin. First of all, I want to thank the readers. It’s a project I’ve been working on a lot lately, but I feel passionate about the crypto world as well as the business world. If you haven’t seen the whitepaper yet, our project solves 3 important problems:

  Lack of money, lack of education and social cases. Please attach here a picture with the whitepaper so that readers can get familiar with it.

Q: How did you start this project?

  A: Our company, Advent Store, is already doing this locally.  And if we managed to do that in one country, we realized that we can do it in all countries.  We are basically a jewelry store that has over 2000 products for sale, produced by brands such as Fossil, Guess, Tommy and Armani.  And we thought about how we could make the sales work even better, but at the same time to add value to our community.  This is how we designed the association program, which has 3 sources of income for participants, including crypto.  And because every time someone makes money in this project, we make money too, we offer them an e-book. In this e-book, they’ll see concretely how they can make money in the project, what messages to send, how to respond to messages and so on.  We got very involved and we wanted to be as honest and ethical as possible with our participants, because we both know that in the long run this will help us grow.  We don’t want to lie to anyone and everyone who made money in the project received the money, precisely because we care about our reputation. 

  Q: I understand.  So if someone joins this project, can they make money?

  A: Yes, they can make money if they get involved and do their best.  Whoever promises you that you’ll make money without getting involved, overnight, is just lying.  But if you get involved and follow the simple steps from the e-book, you can make money.  We designed the program in such a way that if you win, we win too.  This is the most logical reason to believe in the program.

  Q. And if someone signs up and makes money, what’s the guarantee that he receives the money?

  A: Very good question.  Simple, what do you think helps us more, as a company?  To pay you the amount you earned and you’ll continue to work, bringing us new earnings or to not pay you and you’ll stop getting involved and we’ll get bad reputation and no one will sign up?  Which option do you think brings us a bigger plus?

  Q: Can I make money from the crypto project?

  A: Like any currency at the beginning, the potential is here. We work with crypto experts who’ll help us to achieve everything we want.  We have the will to work and the necessary resources to make this project a success.  I don’t say that Advent Coin will overtake Bitcoin or any bullshit like that.  Our team will do its best to make the coin grows because we work with developers, marketers, accountants and lawyers who will help us anytime we need to.

  Q: If there are people who have other questions, where can they find you?

  A: They can find me on Twitter and on Linked-In, that’s where I answer personally.  Our team respond on the other platforms.

  Q: Perfect!  Good luck!

  A: Thank you, good luck to everyone!

  This was the interview, thank you all for your time.  Below are the Advent’s websites and social platforms, where you will find all the necessary details:


E-mail: [email protected]

Have a nice day and follow our site! 🙂


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