Returned from New York, WBF sweeps the world by gathering the leading Asian blockchain forces to discuss the frontier technology and regulatory trends of the blockchain, and to explore the development of blockchain industry. In the summer of June this year, WBF join hands with the industry elites to explore the future together in Singapore. “ World Blockchain Forum · Singapore & World Blockchain Award · Asia ” hosted by WBF will be held on June 22-23, 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

Asia’s Largest Conference

This conference will gather more than 5,000 industry elites from governments, regulators, associations, institutions, blockchain companies, fintech and media to explore industry trends and innovations, and to recognize industry pioneers and contributions to jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Insights from 100+ global industry elites

More than 100 heavy-weighted speakers will probe the development of blockchain in Asia from a global perspective, and discuss the impact on Asian economic development and its future prospects. At present, the conference has received extensive attention from the blockchain industry and has attracted many elites from institutions and high-quality projects. These institutions and projects not only have strong influences in fintech, brand influence, digital development, but also providing technical and service supports to the participating enterprises for enhancement of their brand influence and cooperation effectiveness.

Delivery of the newest global knowledge

The conference will carry out in-depth discussion on the technical development, application and investment of blockchain, which are mainly divided into four topics: blockchain application landing and challenges, blockchain technology, regulation, and cross-border cooperation. Covering from technical research to application prospects, from infrastructure to new ecology, from the regulation interpretation to empowering the real economy, and many other areas of the industry.

More than 5000 of high-precision industry contacts

WBF has invited many prestigious guests across different industries, such Wall Street financial giants, renown investment institutions, popular blockchain startups, famous academic research organizations, and national regulators to share their industry insights.

The“Oscar” of blockchain 

World Blockchain Award (WBA) will be held in conjunction with World Blockchain Forum (WBF), which aims to encourage innovative technologies, blockchain industry applications, and technology joint innovation; To recognize enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the blockchain field;

The six Awards include:

Top 10 outstanding blockchain projects in Asia

Top 10 investment institutions in Asia

Top 10 outstanding media in Asia

Top 10 innovative fintech projects in Asia

Top 10 outstanding exchanges in Asia

Top 10 innovative media in Asia

WBF integrate the elites of the industry in the blockchain field to jointly contribute to the healthy development of blockchain technology and the industry. Taking the current development of blockchain as an opportunity and based on the financial innovation in Singapore, WBF will connect the global financial innovation, serve the future of scientific and technological development in Asia and further promote the industrialization of blockchain technology.

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