At a time when many top crypto coins are losing value, BNB seems to be a consistent exception. The altcoin has crossed the $10 mark after strong gains on BTC and ETH. While it’s lost value from its all-time high, it has stayed stronger than many other altcoins, suggesting that BNB may belong in the highest echelon of cryptocurrencies by perceived value.

BNB Price Steadily Rising

In the cryptocurrency world, it’s quite uncommon to see altcoins rise in value when BTC and ETH are not rising as well. Yet, BNB coin has shown no issue doing just that. As BTC prices have stagnated near the $6500 mark, BNB has steadily risen in the last few months, holding well over $10.

This really isn’t surprising given the standing of Binance in the world of crypto trading. It’s something other crypto exchanges are trying to emulate even though their tokens’ popularity isn’t on the same level. It will be interesting to see how the race for different exchange tokens plays out in future.

Also, the substantial gains BNB is experiencing have something to do with the latest happenings taking place behind the scenes. The parent company Binance is surging forward with tapping new and different markets.

Their latest investment is in TravelByBit. Now the company is planning to integrate BNB support which is a welcome decision by token holders. Some keen followers have been quick to express their surprise at the decision with one user by the name Crypto Finder tweeting:

“Maybe @cz_binance is just sick of needing to change money every time he wants to hit the airport bar during a stopover? #Binance invests AU$3.5m in @TravelByBit to add #BNB, more airport #cryptocurrency payments terminals around the world.”

The positive news though has been good for BNB. Those that bought the altcoin in the last few days must be quite happy with how things are going. Especially the gains registered on the two main crypto coins have been quiet, and it seems the best is yet to come.


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