The remarkable development of modern technology is creating another new world, the Digital World.

Culture and art are also integrating with the digital world to provide innovative culture technologies.

In the age of non-face-to-face with the coronavirus that rock the world, we’ve never experienced before.

You will have new and innovative experiences and cultural experiences.

BitPeople is the next generation multimedia platform for a more wonderful world, with the highest level of culture and technology combined.

BitPeople also succeeded in making innovative blockchain hybrids by technically overcoming incompatibility due to different methods of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Based on its strong culture technology, Beat People has a huge influence on the film industry around the world, sponsoring Cannes, Venice International Film Festival and Oscars, and leading the global culture industry, including an investment of $10 billion from the International Film Council.

We are participating in crowdfunding for the production of films and OTT video content in detail, will invest in existing movies or works of content that have been released, and will expand the base through partnership with various OTT platforms and filmmakers.

BitPeople is preparing to enter various global markets such as blockchain mining (multi-mining), finance (de-central finance), telecommunications (mobile telecom), and Bitcoin Cash, the top global market capitalization, are competitively sponsoring Bitcoin.

BitPeople have three central goals.

First, it’s technology-focused.

– Its own technology enables the lowest transmission costs and fast transfers, making it profitable.

Second, it is social center.

– Social safety net and environment are set as major tasks with financial giants and technical experts.

Third, it’s safety center.

– New hybrid blockchain protects personal information and builds the most powerful security system.

On August 15, 2021, Beat People Mining will finally begin in Korea, the top IT country.

BitPeople share the culture-tech worldview and warmly welcome global members who will participate with high vision and passion.

BitPeople will create a world where they live with sharing for a better future.


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