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Today, judging by the massive feats this project has achieved over the past few months, it is evident that it’s here to stay. CROP Finance is an exciting project that is gradually revolutionizing the DeFi space. This is apparent in several of its features; tokens options, tenets, and most impressively, its new IDO launch.

CROP Finance Is Revamping the Decentralized Ecosystem

CROP Finance is a project birthed from experience. Its creators experienced the ups and downs of blockchain and decentralization and transformed their experience into an innovation. It is a project primarily created for anyone struggling to understand the DeFi space but still wants to reap the maximum benefits of this ever-growing ecosystem.

It is a platform created from detailed research into yield farming strategies available in the market today, with a team that is actively engaged in the blockchain. With a vast range of insights, ideas, and experience, CROP Finance is making DeFi accessible to everyone by offering a practical and simplified approach to:

  • Minimizing yield uncertainty and smart contract risks by applying a diversified yield farming portfolio;

  • Automating portfolio rebalancing to optimize a risk-adjusted return for users.

Besides, it does this by ensuring up to 99% gas saving on transactions. Furthermore, the project is cross-chain, which implies that it is independent of any one blockchain. As such, with just a deposit on the platform, you get updated about every viable option relative to yield farming strategies all through the Decentralized industry. What makes all of this possible, is the CROP token.

DeFi and blockchain are still relatively young, and as such, there are no specific instruction manuals to navigate this complex sea. Yield farming is pretty lucrative. However, it is not easy, leaving the lucrative gains for higher investors. However, CROP Finance offers a solution to this.

Featuring an intuitive UI providing excellent UX, this platform uses risk assessments and algorithms to reduce risks for you, irrespective of your yield farming experience. It keeps you on track and updated with new strategies, just with the click of a few buttons.

Meet the Token: CROP

The CROP token is a BEP-20/ERC-20 token with a limited supply set of 500M tokens. What makes this token pretty unique is the creative way you can utilize it both on the Ethereum chain and Binance smart chain. In fact, this token is the heart of the reward and incentive structure on crops, while also acting as its governance. In essence, its holders can govern CROP Finance, which is a step forward towards achieving a fully democratic system on Defi. With CROP, anyone who holds it gets to take part in important decision-making processes. You can submit proposals or vote on proposals.

Besides governance, you can also trade this token with others or lock it up for staking. Whenever you stake CROP, you get to access a portion of trading fees on the platform.

The Recent IDO Launch

CROP Finance will be launching an initial DEX offering from 2nd June until 4th, on ZeroSwap. This is another step towards achieving a fully decentralized, accessible, secure, and functional decentralized innovation. This new launch will offer better and immediate liquidity for any price level due to its system and mechanics.

This new launch offers an open and fair approach to fundraising. Usually, in several other token offering approaches, as soon as the token hits the market, private investors typically purchase a significant amount for a lesser price. They will then resell them to the general public for a lesser amount. However, with IDO, it does not need permission, private investors, or centralized exchange to kickstart the fundraising, while offering the opportunity for everyone to participate equally.

Aside from this, it also brings about a faster way to trade. This implies that with an IDO, you can trade your tokens almost immediately. This way, as an investor, you can purchase your token quickly and resell them at a higher price later during the IDO. Furthermore, you also get to access almost immediate liquidity. In essence, you get to access the ability to sell or buy on the market. Or, in simple terms, it positively influences how quickly you can get your hand on your cash. Since the IDO projects help you get almost immediate access to liquidity, this will ultimately benefit the CROP token price in the long term.

The CROP Finance IDO will be live 2nd – 4th June, on ZeroSwap.

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