The California-based Carypto Foundation, which launched the world’s first blockchain-based NFT project called “drive to ear,” said it will soon release a beta version.

The Carypto project is a blockchain project that analyzes driving distance and driving habits through GPS tracking to compensate for mining if you have a smartphone that has been minted for NFT cars through the Carypto App.
In the Carypto ecosystem, two tokens are operated, and CART tokens are used for minting and mining NFT cars, and CAR NOT tokens are essential to operate NFT cars.

Fuel (Carypto Watts) is essential to operate NFT vehicles, which must be purchased as a CARNOT token.
In other words, just as electricity is needed to mine Bitcoin, CARNOT tokens are needed to mine CART tokens.

According to an official from the CARYPTO team, ‘CARNOT tokens are rarely distributed in the market, and all tokens used to purchase fuel (CW) are incinerated, so the rare value of CARNOT tokens increases indefinitely.
For example, if we buy a car once, we’re done, but we have to buy fuel every day, and the fuel used is burned and cannot be reused,” he said. ‘CARYPTO APP will recruit beta testers for public testing in 2023 1Q. I hope many people will participate and test the potential of the CARYPTO ecosystem.’