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Defi Banking: The Decentralized Banking Solution We Need


Decentralized Finance or Defi has become a full-fledged ecosystem with billions of dollars pouring in every month. Defi emerged as a truly decentralized solution paving the way for banking the unbanked with various passive income opportunities. The industry grew from a few million to become a multi-billion dollar industry within a year of gaining mainstream attraction. Defi is being projected as the future of the banking sector with multiple use cases that could be incorporated in the banking sector.

Defi Banking is new one-stop access to the most advantageous decentralized financial tools. Positioned as the common point of fiat and crypto assets, the application has been developed for users of all profiles to use easily, quickly, and securely without having any technical knowledge. The DeFi Banking protocol provides services in all areas covered by DeFi such as lending, borrowing, digital asset investment, interest-earning, payments, derivatives.

The DeFi ecosystem is constantly increasing its potential with the discovery of new use cases. With the digital art and NFT projects brought to the agenda in 2021, the transfer of unique assets in the digital environment has gained importance. In addition, the growing interest of traditional financial and investment institutions has brought a strong volume and sabotage to the blockchain ecosystem. DeFi Banking is designed for better compatibility across assets. The application has been developed using all the peer-to-peer, unauthorized, transparent, fast, and cheap features covered by the blockchain technology & smart contracts; thus it is one of the most privileged & competitive experiences.

Defi Banking Protocol Makes Defi More Simple and Accessible to All

Decentralized Finance (defi) might have become quite popular with time, but the complex nature and not-so-friendly user interface of top defi projects deter new entrants from exploring and entering the market. Defi Banking protocol is changing that with its easy-to-use interface and some of the best returns on yield. Some of the key benefits of Defi Banking include the highest minimum APY on staking of 12%. Users can gain high-interest rates on their staked crypto assets that ensure transparency and high security.

 The platform offers a host of opportunities for new entrants some of which include,

  • Utilize their savings with the highest return investment opportunities,
  • Getting rid of complex and information-demanding processes while accessing decentralized financial services,
  • Managing fiat and crypto assets from a single point,
  • To use traditional and innovative financial instruments within the framework of legal compliance,
  • To be able to realize investment and asset management at a more sustainable and scalable level.

 DeFi Banking is based on a strong technical infrastructure built on automation and aggregation so that anyone with access to the internet, from early adopters to traditional investors, can freely and easily use DeFi services. The company is managed with a corporate structure with a high level of financial and investment knowledge, which is audited and operates in accordance with regulations.

 The Defi Banking is built for those who tried DeFi solutions before but could not sustain because of the complexity of usage as well as the disruptions they experienced during fund tracking,

People who are hesitant to use DeFi solutions due to the variable prices of crypto assets,  The platform has been specifically designed for those who have heard of the advantages it provides but have not yet used a DeFi solution due to lack of financial and technical knowledge,

The Four Core Parts of Defi Banking

Defi banking is breaking the current barriers of the traditional banking sector and offers core facilities to everyone through its platform. The platform offers a high-performance investment experience by supporting the financial knowledge of its experienced team with a portfolio management engine. Supported by many notable investors who have created many unicorns in the past, DeFi Banking provides the confidence people need to meet the privileges of decentralized finance.

 There are four core parts of the Defi banking ecosystem comprising of

 Automation: DeFi Banking performs all its daily operations completely autonomously with the help of smart contracts. Thus, transactions are realized instantly and transparently without external intervention.

 Aggregation: The application works in integration with the most reliable DeFi applications on the market. It runs the comparison engine 7/24 between these services to offer the best deals to the end-user.

Security: The DeFi Banking system secures user funds by locking the system when an unexpected movement is observed. In case of doubt, users may be requested to authenticate.

 Corporate Management: DeFi Banking operates under a banking license. The evaluation, storage, and reporting of the institution’s funds are regularly reported and audited by the authorized units with a corporate discipline & management ethic.

The DeFi Banking protocol aims to provide the highest security and profitability. To achieve this goal, the internet & external resources will be utilized together. The cross-service aggregator robot will constantly scan for the best deals on the market, making sure DeFi Banking remains the leader. In the meantime, company operations will rely on internal liquidity sources to remain autonomously stable and secure at all times.

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