If you are a regular traveler, you might have heard of many terms like zero processing fee, compare before booking, easy cancellation, and refund, etc. Almost all the airlines’ spare offers, up to some extent and mostly these offers will be valid until a definite time period. It sure sounds good to a traveler when he hears about an offer that has no expiry date. Yes, it’s 100% genuine as EDOS by EAST2 is now on-boarding and offering the ability for travelers to easily exchange loyalty rewards points across any airline or service provider that joins their ecosystem.

Safety and privacy

This reward program serves a bundle of benefits to both frequent and infrequent travellers who travel in both domestic as well as international flights. This uninterrupted program is all based on blockchain technology, which arises to be a safe and secure platform along with privacy measures instilled in it. This program runs on a platform consisting of both buyers and airlines unwavering.

By EDOS, the buyers and the flights will be offered maximum profits and bonuses than their usual works. This ecosystem is entirely quick and not too mainstream because it grasps the requirements of the buyers who are frequent travellers.

Specialized benefits:

Frequent flyers always check for offers before making their bookings. They may feel bad when there is no offers or rewards prevailing, despite them being loyal and regular with traveling. In such cases, EDOS comes to the rescue, as it provides the best offers which exist in the form of tokens, coupons, etc. These coupons can be valid indefinitely and can be redeemed on any of flight. What more offer does a frequent flyer expect from an airline when it offers such betterment?

Wrangle-free receiving and redeeming

In  situations when a traveler is in an urge to book his flight but does not have much time for digging deep into coupons and rewards provided by an airline, EDOS will make this process of buying much easier and faster.

EDOS has a hassle-free procedure of receiving and redeeming EDOS, which is of great assistance in times of emergency. The flyer won’t be undergoing any sort of pressure while making their bookings, as there will not be any expiry date or blackout period for availing the coupon and reward offered by the EDOS. The token sales offered by EDOS will clearly spectacle the benefit it gives to both buyers and the channel of airlines as well.

It’s clear that EDOS by EAST2 is an ultimate saviour for frequent flyers who fly both international and domestic airlines. EDOS escalates the loyalty and trustworthiness of flyers by considerably decrementing the operating cost and the total time required for operation as well. Privacy and safety are one of the major issues of a flyer but by EDOS, such concerns shall be overcome and diminished. So just do not think too long when you have EDOS offering, such coupons and rewards that can be redeemed for any flights. Just go, make a healthy booking with your favourite airline, and redeem your coupons now to enjoy the most ravishing and hassle-free travel experience ever.

Learn more on : https://east2.io/


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