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Elirtex Promises Daily Crypto Profits With Collective Investments


The Elirtex platform has been developed by specialists that work on Elirtex Limited with the intention to attract capital through online cryptocurrency investment. The company is focused in investing smartly across various companies and in a short period of time. The service aims to reduce financial risk and increase profits. To put it simply: you put crypt in, and their investment portofilio yields gains they return back to you. It’s aim is daily profit in crypto.

The cryptocurrency market has been invaded by scam companies and fraudulent sites. But Elirtex Limited has been working in investment portfolio managing for more than ten years. Furthermore, Elirtex Limited is regulated by the United Kindgom and is compliant with the current laws in the country.

By using the platform, it is possible for investors to increase their capital and for companies to obtain financial support to develop their products and services.

Making the Difference

In the last years we have seen how several companies tried to enter the market by offering interesting and revolutionizing products. But most of the teams behind these companies did not have a good industry background or previous experience.

This is one of the main points that Elirtex is trying to change. Elirtex differentiates itself by having a professional and experienced team that has been investing since before cryptocurrencies hit mainstream.

Elirtex explains like this:

“The fundamental difference between ELIRTEX LIMITED and the other risk capital and investment funds companies is the own experience of our team and the personal participation on each projects where we can apply our long term experience.”

The team has qualified financial specialists, analysts and experienced risk managers.

How To Participate?

In order to start participating it’s necesssary register and become an Elirtex member. The registration process takes a few minutes and after it users are able to use the platform to get profits in the collective investment market.

Security is a very important topic among the community now. So to preserve it, Elirtex has been working in order to create powerful systems to protect users’ data. The website is protected from DDOS attacks and the information transmitted passes the SSL encryption.

Alpha Day Investment

As it stands, it is possible to invest between 0.005 BTC and 1 BTC.

The corresponding benefits will be 15% per week on the initial amount. From Monday to Friday, the profit will be 2,6% per day, and during the weekend it will be 1% per day.

The company invests in different companies from different branches, including the following:

  • Public health, pharmaceutical products and medicine
  • Technological and innovative start-ups
  • Franchises of vending machines
  • Financial consulting and risk management
  • Solutions for corporate businesses
  • Educational trading platforms
  • Game and entertainment industry
  • Automated sales systems
  • Production and manufacture of organic products
  • A certain percentage of the company’s profit is used for its development

The affiliate program is also very interesting. Users are able to have 10% profit from first level referrals, and 2% for each second level referral. Additionally, representatives can have 12% profit from first level referrals, 2% from second level referrals and 1% from third level referrals.




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