FREEDOMX is the first charity in the world to use BLOCKCHAIN & accept cryptocurrency donations & is fully government registered in the United Kingdon and the USA (registered charity number: 1184907).

FREEDOMX will be the recipient and collaborator on this one. If you are a resident in London, you will have noticed that even within a few years the amount of people on the streets has increased substantially.

But it isn’t just London that has an epidemic of homelessness.

There are 14 million people in the United Kingdom living in poverty…which is a 1st world country!

There are 3 Billion socially excluded people in the world with no bank account , no access to a regular food supply & clean water & no housing.

10 million children starve to death every year!

FREEDOMX is the ONLY charity in the world where you can see where your money is going & how it is helping homeless people restart their lives.

Once people are given homes…investors can choose to micro-finance small businesses which the recipients can start, such as a coffee shop on a bicycle costing only $500!

More details on FREEDOMX can be found at their website


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