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GPR IEO starts June 28th

Global Property Register

Following consultations with our advisors, the GPR IEO is finally off to a start on Friday, 28th June.

Global Property Register helping the developing world to establish property rights. GPR IEO starts 28th of June(50% discount in Round I)

GlobalPropertyRegister GPR

Global Property Register or GPR as it is also known among project supporters is building an infrastructure which will enforce property rights through the use of the blockchain technology to make the registering, maintaining, trading and transferring property rights a more smooth and efficient experience for all parties involved. It is also creating tokenization of real estate in the emerging markets which could release up to $20trn in new wealth (according to the U.N).

Most importantly it will bring people from the developing world into the financial markets by providing tokenization of real estate and enable people to finance projects using crowdfunding on the blockchain.

The IEO selling XRX tokens starts on the 28th of June, will be carried in two rounds the latter one ending on the 1st of August:

Round I:

Round II

To get things started fast and award the earliest contributors, GPR team is offering a mesmerizing deal — 50% discount on XRX tokens during the first round of the IEO. Get your accounts ready and prepared in advance, open up your account on ExMarkets now.

“We are excited to be partnering with Ex-Markets, one of the leading global platforms for IEOs. Their professionalism and support are exceptional” Greg Pwol, CEO, Global Property Register.

View the official GPR project explainer video on Youtube.

More about GPR Project

To some, it may come as a surprise, but property rights are not always respected and ensure unquestionable management of the property in question. At least not in all parts of the world. According to research data, almost four and a half billion people currently do not have their property registered with authority — they are completed excluded from the real estate market and cannot transact in it.

Tackling this inequality Global Property Register is creating a property registration infrastructure that will be easily accessible by everyone and fraud-proof. All properties within the system will be registered on the blockchain ensuring that the records are valid and accurate. During later stages of development, a property exchange is set to enable property owners to seamlessly and safely trade their properties bypassing the need for intermediaries and reducing associated costs. Eventually, the property register is expected to account for various kinds of properties besides real estate and land ownership.

The platform and the exchange will be supported through an accompanying mobile application which will allow keeping track of your assets to be always at a hand’s reach.

Some of the benefits of the Global Property Register include but are not limited to:

I believe that no one would argue that the mission Global Property Register is carrying out is one for the people, especially the ones who’re in the developing world where government regimes employ the practices of nationalizing private properties. Also exciting is the fact, that the project has an impeccable use case for the blockchain. Truly it would be hard to find a more suitable alternative.”, stated Dylan Sharkey, the head of sales at ExMarkets and Coinstruction.

Tokensale fundamentals:

Head over to ExMarkets and check out the trading action while you’re waiting for the IEO to start.

While a lot of crypto projects struggle to find an appropriate case for the blockchain, Global Property Register has struck gold. The global registration infrastructure and exchange they’re planning to build will not only make the whole industry a more efficient and widely accessible market but also will save thousands of dollars for property owners.

See you when the IEO launches, mark your calendars for the 28th of June



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