Johannesburg, South Africa, The digital revolution is profoundly reshaping the financial services industry, and at its core lies technological innovation that holds the potential to bring about substantial benefits for the financially underprivileged, improving accessibility to financial services. Leading the charge in embracing this transformation, the Advanced Project has announced the addition of various *Value Added Services (VAS)* in the TIER App. This announcement is being hailed as a beacon of hope for a revamped financial ecosystem in South Africa.

TIER App operates as a digital financial platform based on blockchain technology, primarily catering to the financially excluded by offering simple payment and cross-border remittance services. TIER provides users with the opportunity to conduct financial transactions easily, without the burden of complex financial procedures or exorbitant fees. Leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain, users can engage in various financial services without the need for cash.

With the introduction of VAS, TIER App’s vision is set to expand significantly. Users will gain access to various benefits, including Airtime and Data top-ups, Fixed and Variable Vouchers (e.g., Netflix, Spotify, etc.), Betting (Lotto Star and Hollywood Bets), Retail Vouchers, and more. These offerings empower users to enjoy an enhanced financial lifestyle.

The integration of VAS into TIER App’s core functions of easy payments and remittances is poised to modernize South Africa’s financial system and bolster financial inclusivity. Through the innovative technology of blockchain and its potential for secure financial transactions, this collaboration will pioneer financial technology innovation in South Africa and promote economic inclusion for users.

The results of TIER App’s VAS efforts are scheduled to be tested and rolled out in September. It is anticipated that TIER App’s dedication and efforts will contribute to reshaping South Africa’s financial landscape for the better. This Advanced Project efforts promise a future of improved financial services and greater opportunities for the people.