The Hug coin Project was launched to innovate the next generation of payment based on blockchain. In the future, Hug coin intends to provide the best convenience to users by combining both the Payment Protocol in real life and the Payment Protocol in the Metaverse World.

Hug Coin, which has now partnered with several retailers, plans to expand its partnership at a faster pace in the future. Hug coin’s partners will be able to secure a more transparent payment system through Hug Coin and receive support for blockchain-based payment protocols.

In addition, Hug Coin is also developing an NFT payment system that is in the spotlight around the world along with Metaverse. Unlike conventional NFT platforms, this NFT payment system adds a convenient UI/UX design for popular applications.

Hug Coin, which has a large partner on its back, is expected to move forward.

Next generation Layer 2 Payment Protocol.

Hug Coin is accelerating the development of a payment platform based on the Layer 2 protocol. Like the name of the project, we are partnering with many partners to embrace the world.

Existing layer 1-based networks have a very inefficient structure to utilize for payment protocols due to high fees and slow transactions.

Therefore, Hug Coin is being developed to design protocols based on Layer 2 and to be compatible with various networks.

Introduction of Metaverse and NFT payment system.

In the future, the payment system will not only be limited to e-commerce and offline payment systems, but will also be in great demand in Metaverse, a virtual real world.

Metaverse is a complete digital world, so payment must be made more transparent and stable. Hug Coin is developing the most efficient and systematic payment protocol on Metaverse.

Therefore, the goal of Hug Coin is to become the standard for payment systems in Metaverse.

Great offline/online partners.

In order for the payment project to succeed, it is essential to secure partners who use the payment system.

Hug Coin will quickly develop its market dominance through strong partners and will become a very efficient payment platform that can be used both offline and online.

Hug Coin’s partners can distribute their products and services on the Metaverse platform through Hug Coin and introduce NFT.

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