iBlockchain Bank & Trust Technologies Co. (iBBT), a leading global fintech company, and Sustainability Creative, a trailblazing sustainability solutions provider, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to transform iBBT’s open banking capabilities to spearhead a new era of net-zero sustainable tourism. By merging cutting-edge financial technology with innovative sustainability initiatives, iBBT and Sustainability Creative are poised to reshape the future of the tourism industry.

The iBBT and Sustainability Creative partnership marks a significant milestone in pursuing global sustainability goals. Leveraging iBBT’s state-of-the-art open banking infrastructure, the companies will work together to integrate sustainable tourism initiatives seamlessly into the financial ecosystem. This innovative approach will enable travelers, businesses, and communities to participate actively in mitigating their carbon footprint, protecting natural resources, and fostering sustainable development.

iBBT’s open banking framework, renowned for its secure and efficient transactions, will catalyze positive change within the tourism sector. With Sustainability Creative’s expertise in developing and implementing sustainable practices, the partnership seeks to enhance transparency, accountability, and impact measurement throughout the tourism value chain. By empowering travelers with access to sustainable tourism options, iBBT and Sustainability Creative aim to drive behavioral shifts and encourage responsible travel choices worldwide.

Through this collaboration, iBBT will extend its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and SDG 13 (Climate Action). Furthermore, utilizing the power of open banking, iBBT, and Sustainability Creative will facilitate the transition to a net-zero emissions future in the tourism industry, accelerating progress towards a more sustainable planet.

The partnership will focus on several key areas of collaboration:

1. Development of Sustainable Travel Products: iBBT and Sustainability Creative will jointly create innovative financial products and services that incentivize and reward sustainable travel choices. These products will be designed to support travelers in making environmentally conscious decisions and reducing their carbon footprint.

2. Data-Driven Impact Assessment: By leveraging iBBT’s open banking capabilities, the partnership will enable real-time tracking and measuring of tourism activities’ environmental

and social impact. This data-driven approach will facilitate informed decision-making and empower stakeholders to take action towards Sustainability.

3. Stakeholder Engagement and Education: iBBT and Sustainability Creative will launch joint initiatives to raise awareness and promote sustainable tourism practices among travelers, businesses, and local communities. These efforts will include educational campaigns, capacity-building workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms.

4. Ecosystem Expansion: The partnership will explore opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders, including financial institutions, governments, and technology providers, to create a broader ecosystem for sustainable tourism. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, iBBT and Sustainability Creative aim to drive systemic change across the industry.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sustainability Creative to harness the power of open banking and sustainability for the betterment of the tourism industry,” said John Karantonis, President of iBlockchain Bank & Trust Technologies Co. “Together, we will revolutionize how travelers engage with their finances and inspire a wave of responsible tourism that contributes to a net-zero future.”

“We believe that combining financial technology and sustainable solutions is the key to transforming the tourism industry,” said Melita Rossiou, President of Sustainability Creative Co. “Our partnership with iBlockchain Bank & Trust Technologies will enable us to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and drive positive change on a global scale.”

About iBlockchain Bank & Trust Technologies Co.:

iBlockchain Bank & Trust (iBBT) is a leading global fintech company specializing in blockchain-based financial services. With its secure and scalable open banking infrastructure, iBBT enables individuals and businesses to manage their finances efficiently and securely. Committed to driving financial inclusion and sustainable development, iBBT leverages cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions for a rapidly evolving digital economy.

About Sustainability Creative Co.:

Sustainability Creative is a pioneering solution provider driving positive environmental and social change. With expertise in sustainable tourism, the company develops innovative strategies and programs that enable businesses and individuals to transition to more sustainable practices. By combining creativity, data-driven insights, and stakeholder engagement, Sustainability Creative empowers organizations to embrace Sustainability as a driver of long-term success.

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