IncubeChain (ICB) will launch IEO with ProBit Global
This is to inform you that the 1st IEO, which was held on May 10th by Incub Chain, has been successfully completed, and that the 2nd IEO will be held on May 16th at Provit Global.

There are two problems that media viewers experience to find products that are not trademarked in the video. The first is the limitation of search services. The information obtained from the search could not be determined to be reliable.

And the second is the lack of a compensation system. We need to make sure that a lot of information is produced quickly about the products promoted in the video, which requires the help of not only the brand company but also the video viewers. But they don’t want to do it voluntarily because they don’t have a compensation system.

To address these challenges, IncubeChain provides chain PPL advertising to make information more reliable. In addition, according to the role and contribution of brands and viewers, which are key players in the media content industry, it is also planning to create an ecosystem that provides transparent compensation based on smart contracts and verified data.

The ProBit Global Exchange has successfully conducted the largest number of IEOs among Cryptocurrency exchanges since 2018.

The ProBit Global Exchange is seeking to expand its project ecosystem through further listing, and the Incub chain will receive support from the Provit Global Exchange for various utilities along with the IEO.

Click on the link below to view the Incube Chain IEO page.

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