Incub chain, a decentralized data platform that connects embedded brands and media, announced the reorganization of the embedded advertising utility. This seems to be due to the active increase in demand for media embedded advertisements as OTT platforms have recently become very popular.

Incub chain is a project that stands out in the embedded advertising and media market, and has been developing and reorganizing project business models since its listing of MEXC in June.

As the digital media market has become a meta-trend, the incubator chain has been launched with the aim of providing fair and reasonable advertising services and infrastructure to advertisers and media content consumers.

Incub chain has signed a partnership with 11th Street, an online shopping mall in Korea, and is partnering with various partners in the field of online commerce. It is expected that the reorganization of the embedded utility will create a variety of added values more closely.

Incub chain plans to release more diverse service models in the future. In addition, it is said to be encouraging for the increasing volume of the community.

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