The Next Phase of Digital Flyer® and CBT: A Platform that Empowers Businesses through Community-building

14th February, Pretoria – DigitalFlyer® is a platform that enables people to start, run, and self-sustain their businesses by fostering communities and establishing an ecosystem that contains all of the necessary tools. The platform’s goal is to empower businesses in the digital medium by making resources and services easily accessible, engaging, and affordable. With the launch of our blockchain rewards/loyalty token, CBT (Community Business Token) we are changing the way all community businesses do business. CBTs can already be traded and will be used to buy goods and services within the DigitalFlyer® platform.

To achieve a healthy, sustainable community, we started by looking at the various challenges that small businesses face today. Here are a few examples:

Understanding the Digital Space:

People, in general, may not have the expertise needed to keep a business thriving online. These include building an online business profile, creating a strong brand for their target audience, and marketing their products or services. When people do not understand the significance of these facets or don’t have the means to accomplish them, they struggle to take their businesses to greater heights.

Lack of Financial Prowess

Depending on your industry and the type of business you are establishing, you may require initial capital to get started. This is an investment that you, as the owner, would have to make to get your business off to a good start.

The reality is that most people from less privileged backgrounds lack this capital and have no other way to obtain it aside from raising funds from venture capitalists. The problem here is that there is too much competition, and a person’s chances of obtaining the necessary financing are slim.

Minimal Networking Channels

Your network is said to be your net worth. Networking can provide numerous benefits, such as forming new collaborations and partnerships, gaining market insight, acquiring new business opportunities, and so on.

Small business owners or those attempting to start one, may lack the necessary opportunities to network with the right people who can, in some way, assist them in building, running, and ultimately sustaining their businesses.

This can be accomplished through community building, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Any society must be self-sustaining in order for everyone to thrive; otherwise, the community will not last long.

These are the three main challenges that any aspiring entrepreneur will face today, and DigitalFlyer® can help with all of them.

The Solution: DigitalFlyer®

DigitalFlyer began in 2018 as a minimum viable product and has since grown into a full-fledged marketplace for businesses to thrive in. The platform addresses and resolves the challenges small business face through a two-pronged approach:

  1. Access to Marketplace Tools

As previously stated, finding the right tools is difficult for people who want their brand and company to succeed in the digital space. DigitalFlyer® offers essential tools to entrepreneurs at a low cost.

People can use all of these tools to either start a new business or take an existing one online, exposing themselves to a global audience. As a result, the company isn’t necessarily tied to a specific location, but rather exists for anyone with internet access.

2. Community-building

Three pillars govern any community and ensure the ecosystem’s self-sufficiency. These are: support, education, and well-being. As you can see, these three pillars represent the most basic needs of any individual. When people in a community meet each other’s needs, they form a symbiotic relationship that allows everyone’s businesses to thrive.

DigitalFlyer® aims to expand this community on its existing business launchpad. Thus, people are not just engaging with an entity but interacting with people who can bolster their business in numerous ways.

As you can see, with this approach we can address the issues raised in the preceding section. We are introducing the DFGT governance token to ensure the success of the above two methods.

The DFGT Governance Token

Holders of the DFGT governance token will be able to vote on many aspects of this multifaceted project, ensuring that the platform is community-driven. It will allow businesses to become members of the community and gain access to all of the tools they need to market their products when they hold a pre-determined amount of the tokens.

Participants who hold the DFGT token, get to vote on important decisions that affect the project’s next steps, who they partner with, what exchanges the tokens will be listed on, and so on. In essence, the project gives people a say in how the project evolves.

This new token has the intrinsic value of a community and makes this project completely democratic and unbiased.

Benefits of the DGFT Token

Aside from allowing the DFGT community to vote on the project’s direction, holding the token will provide even more benefits. Here are a few examples:

  • DFGT token holders will receive annual dividends based on the project’s overall performance.
  • DFGT holders will be notified first of any new partnerships and collaborations.
  • DFGT token holders will earn an annual APY on their staked tokens.
  • Holding a pre-set amount of DFGT tokens will allow businesses access to key services on the DigitalFlyer ® platform.

Token Distribution

Initially, there will be a supply of 7 million DFGT tokens. These are essentially smart contract-based with 1 DFGT token for every 10K CBT (Community Business Token). In addition, a portion of the DFGT tokens will be mandatorily staked.

The allocation and vesting period is as follows:

  • 5% will be allocated to developers, of which 25% will be locked for 4 years.
  • 5% will be allocated to the marketing team, of which 25% will be locked for 4 years.
  • 10% will be allocated to project owners, of which 50% will be locked for 4 years.
  • 15% will be allocated to private sales. From the private sales and 35% team allocations, 50% will be locked for 4 years.
  • 15% will be allocated to the launchpad. From the launch pad and 35% team allocations, 50% will be locked for 4 years.
  • 50% will be allocated to public opening sales. From this and 30% of team allocation, 75% will be locked for 4 years.

24,619,510 tokens will be in circulation at the end of four years on the network at the end of four years.

How to Buy DFGT Tokens?

Private Sales:

This will be exclusively for participants who hold CBT tokens and have a registered profile on the DigitalFlyer® platform. Buy Now: [ ]

Launchpad Sales:

The launchpad sale plans are in the development stage and more information will be released once the private sales are completed. Launchpad to be announced after Private sale is sold out, only 1,000,000 DFGT available during the private sale via the Business Marketplace platform.

Public Sales:

Public sales will be the final opportunity for anyone to buy DFGT tokens. This would be made official across all social media channels and platforms. Anyone can purchase the DFGT token in this sale. It will be a good gateway for individuals to join the community and register themselves as entrepreneurs on the DigitalFlyer® platform.

Project Roadmap

Phase 1: 2022

Phase 2: 2022

  • Adding DFGT swapping feature
  • Conducting contract audits
  • Revamping the current wallet and developing a one-stop shop for all payment transactions oriented with DFGT and CBT, along with support for fiat currencies.
  • Launching the full-fledged business launchpad, which provides all tools necessary for a business
  • Activating voting platform

Phase 3: 2022

  • Releasing new marketing modules
  • Building a lending/borrowing platform that is driven by smart contracts
  • Releasing reward programs based on game theory algorithms that monitor individuals’ online and offline activities to determine the appropriate rewards.


Overall, DigitalFlyer® is a platform that provides entrepreneurs the necessary means to create successful companies and brands. With the DGFT governance token launch, the platform showcases how it will build a community ecosystem that the people themselves drive.

As a result, DigitalFlyer® will create a self-sustaining community where basic needs such as support, education, and well-being are met and businesses thrive.

DigitalFlyer® sets itself apart from usual launch pads by genuinely understanding the challenges of small business owners and enabling people to solve those. This is by providing the tools, the finance, and by creating an interactive experience where people can engage with each other to build their knowledge and business.

You can follow them on social media and other forums for further information and regular updates on the project.

To follow the total project, all links and social media channels can be found here:


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