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What is ExCore?

Are you tired of seeing your investments struggle to gain momentum? Or maybe a cryptocurrency you currently hold is having a hard time growing in price due to an ever-expanding amount of circulation. Either way, ExCore is your solution. Excore is a cryptocurrency made to fight against inflation. Instead of implementing new tokens every month or ‘x’ amount of time, there will always only be 10,000. This makes ExCore a great investment as its value will only rise in price as it attracts new investors or as coins are lost via unrecoverable accounts. Many cryptos who continue to release new tokens into their circulation stop themselves from truly growing.


One of ExCore’s most promising features is its staking which will be offered at a very impressive 550% APY. When you stake your ExCore tokens, you will be holding them in a smart contract for a long period of time to receive large gains. During this time, your staked tokens will be used to verify and secure transactions on the platform. For your contribution, you will be awarded at a rate of 550% APY which makes banks who give less than 1% APY look insulting. The staking of ExCore will be launched after the pre-sales, we will announce this in the future. You can find the staking smart contract in the information below.

When/Where can you Invest in ExCore?

You will be able to invest in ExCore in a few different ways listed below
Private sale 10/14/20 17:00 UTC
Public Presale 10/21/20 17:00 UTC
Uniswap Listing TBA

Private sale

The ExCore Private sale begins on October 14 at 17:00 UTC and has a hard-cap of $100,000. 10% of total circulation (1,000 ExCore tokens) will be in use during the private sale. To join the whitelist to get into the private sale,you must fill in the forum at https://www.exvault.finance/whitelist/ and the ExCore team will get back to you soon after. For those already whitelisted, you can expect to receive an ETH holder address to send your ETH to. Once the $100,000 cap is met, the sale will end and those who missed out can still participate in the ExCoin public presale only one week later.

Public pre-sale

The ExCore public presale will begin October 21 at 17:00 UTC. The public presale will have a hard-cap of $800,000 and 40% of circulation will be used. Not much is known about the public presale, but there will surely be many announcements regarding it in the near future.

The ExCore Uniswap listing does not yet have a definite date or time, but it will be significant nonetheless. 95% of all liquidity raised in the private and publics sales will be used as liquidity on uniswap. Another fork project of Core with similar values attempted the same thing and quintupled the listing price in less than 12 hours. ExCore is a promising and realistic project run by a very professional and competent team.

Here, you can find a few very helpful links, but most importantly the link to Github. This verifies the integrity of ExCore through our open source code (that anyone can see!).
Github: https://github.com/ExCoreFinance
Website: https://www.exvault.finance/
Telegram: https://t.me/excorevault
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExCoreVault
Medium: https://medium.com/@excorefinance
Contract address: 0x87D3646B101977de0D2D58dfC5A70e84767A1909
Staking contract address: 0x28Ea47E0ff753AE99eE5241f468817Db6C476d09


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