London, 24th of May 2022 – Metaverse NFT opportunities to catch with ESDX LTD.

MetaGlobe Finance, a platform connecting exciting digital projects with enthusiasts and investors in the “meta-universe” and similar spaces, has some great young companies in its collection and is happy to announce the funding campaign for one of the most promising projects in the Metaverse – ESDX LTD.

ESDX LTD is a UK-based tech company working in the Metaverse and Blockchain industry. Both of these industries are the fastest growing in the whole tech world, and together they can deliver something completely new.

ESDX LTD’s vision is to become the largest Metaverse Land and NFT owner in the world. The company focuses on commercializing, designing, and developing digital assets for a profit, with a precise promise: sharing 70% of this profit with all its investors/shareholders. ESDX LTD already owns 18 lands in several Multiverses. You can read all the details on

The Metaverse is a unique universe that is yet in development. You can sell a digital island for 60 ETH or a castle for 50 ETH there. Any physical asset available will be transferred to Metaverse too. Therefore, ESDX LTD buys and owns lands in the Metaverse (digital lands, properties, and related assets), and its team is developing NTF projects on them (now and in the future). What seems to be a beautiful picture consisting of pixels can be sold for millions of dollars today.

ESDX LTD focuses on the edge of Metaverse and blockchain technology, bringing NFTs to the newly emerging digital space. Indeed, this field is complicated and requires technical skills and education. ESDX LTD brings this value to those outside this specialized area and allows them to become part of it.

ESDX LTD is an investment and equity holding company operating in the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and crypto universe. Due to these industries’ exceptional development speed, ESDX opened up a window of opportunity for private and corporate investors.

The company’s mission is to turn digital assets into revenue models based on digital lands’ cycle development and sales. The team is presented by exceptional NTF experts and professionals in asset and investment management. ESDX LTD invests in lands and GameFi organizations that offer near-to-immediate profit/returns (ROI).

The Fundraising campaign’s final goal is $3 Million. At this moment, only after a month since the campaign started, the company has already raised 9% of the required amount. Although this funding opportunity has no deadline yet, it is worth a hurry as the sooner you invest, the more profit you can get. There are three different options to gain stake shares in this company (for non-professional individuals, professional companies, and institutional investors).

You can find more information on the ESDX Telegram channel and make your custom investment on their fundraising page.


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