A cloud storage service initially declared in 2021 that makes use of the decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture of blockchain technology to record encrypted information on the computers of users across the world has disclosed its pricing model and launch date.

KRYPTOX initially launched the first version beta of the decentralized cloud storage service at the end of 2021. KRYPTOX serves as storage service for businesses, developers, and customers. Today, it has announced its Beta 2 release and pricing, aiming to be more secure and efficient than all it’s competitors in the cloud business.

The KRYPTOX storage service claimed 99.97% availability and stated that its prices are lower than the costs of traditional cloud storage providers.

KRYPTOX storage service beta presently has around 1000 active users. Users who lease out space on their hard drives.

KRYPTOX is planning to launch a new payment option which will be called KRYPTOX Token.

The users will be able to purchase the tokens on the most famous stock exchanges like Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, Kraken and Binance. 

The KRYPTOX service charges $10 per terabyte per month, or one cent per gigabyte, for static storage and $45 per terabyte, or 45 cents per gigabyte, of download bandwidth, used. KRYPTOX does not charge for upload bandwidth.

“If you choose to take information out, then we charge below our costs to get that information out,” said Leon Tiger, KRYPTOX’s vice president of Operations. “We don’t wish to charge if you wish to take your stored information out.”

Storj Labs uses new generation blockchain technology to manage a storage aggregator. It rewards users who rent out excess or unused storage on their computers with cryptocurrency, with free storage & network capacity.

It uses what it calls ‘gates’ or ‘performance metrics’ to record its service level agreements. Performance metrics include the total number of vetted storage nodes, which is presently about 10,000, the number of active KRYPTOX users which currently is about 400, and node churn, that opt-out and the P2P architecture over time, i.e., about 2.0% p.m.

The KRYPTOX Cloud Service currently operates between 4.3 and 7 petabytes of storage capacity. At the production launch in January, it intends to have six petabytes available for users and developers.

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