– After many years of research, the AI digital asset prediction open platform ‘Cosign’ was opened

– In recognition of its technology, it was selected as a data innovation support project by Gyeonggi-do Business & Science Accelerator

– This technology development is expected to protect investors in the digital asset market

– After establishing a company with pure research-based technology, various practical tasks using AI have been verified.

LAB2AI (CEO Jong-hwan, Oh), an AI-specialized company, has launched an open platform called “Cosign” that can predict digital assets using AI.

Cosign, which is currently in beta service, provides information that can be helpful to individual investors by generating AI reports that analyze market conditions and provide value and market price prediction of digital assets independently without human help. Compared to the so-called “whales” who manage large-scale funds, individuals are expected to be able to refer to AI’s investment method in a situation where investment information is insufficient. In particular, it is difficult for newly entering investors who have not experienced a large-scale bear market to know how to cope in a bear market.

On the Cosign website, 10 AI models called ‘mentors’ provide analysis of various digital assets with their own algorithms. Unlike other AI investment prediction services, Cosign discloses all learning data and prediction methods of these AI models. Individual investors can refer to the prediction of AI models that most match the direction they usually thought, reducing the time required to determine the direction of investment.

What distinguishes the Cosign website from the existing digital asset information site is not only news provision, but also data-driven transparent information provision. In addition to a detailed description of the algorithm used in AI analysis, ‘Cosign’ disclose all the results even if the yield and hit rate are negative. Company officials expect that the Cosign services will be able to protect investors with transparency and serve as a guide to investment judgment for virtual currencies in the digital asset market, where reckless speculation such as private reading rooms is rampant.

Founded in 2017, LAB2AI has continued to show business development results using AI every year with technological competitiveness such as big data analysis, natural language processing (natural language generation algorithm), and AI time series prediction. In 2018 and 2019, it was selected as a robot reporter operator of the KBO Futures League and provided a service that automatically generates articles when entering game data through the robot reporter “KBOT.”

In addition, in 2019 and 2020, with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, ‘KOTRA Automatic Overseas Market Trend Basic Report Implementation’ and ‘KOTRA Trade Investment Big Data Platform Advancement and Business AI Report Expansion Implementation’ were carried out. In 2020, the ‘Mobile Baseball Broadcasting App (U+Pro Baseball)’ presented by LG U+ in the ‘Big Star Solver Platform 1’, a new contest in which large companies and startups solve problems together, held by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and finally LAB2AI won the championship by solving the task of ‘maximizing the realism of service’.

In addition, in May this year, LAB2AI was selected as the “Development of an AI model for digital asset market price prediction using global news data and economic indicators” for the “2022 Data Industry Promotion Project” project by Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi-do Business & Science Accelerator through the Cosign services.

Jong-hwan Oh, CEO of LAB2AI, said, “We cannot directly protect investors through Cosign services, but AI without human involvement can help investors protect themselves and make reasonable choices,” and “We hope that AI and analysis experts from other developers can participate in the cosine platform to find good investment techniques.”

Press Inquiry : Moojin Partners, Seong-won Yang ([email protected] / +82-10-4500-3331)

[LAB2AI Company Overview]

◈ Company Name: Lab2I Co., Ltd

◈ Date of establishment: March 1, 2017

◈ Representative Director: Jong-hwan, Oh

◈ Capital: 100 million Won

◈ Number of employees: 10

◈ Sales: 160 million Won (2021)

◈ Address: 3F, 41, Beolmal-ro 50beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

◈ Business details: AI digital asset prediction open platform development and operation

◈ Technological Competitiveness: Big Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and AI Time Series Prediction

◈ Homepage: https://www.cosign.cc/

◈ Company history

2017 – LAB2AI Foundation

2018 – KBO Futures League robot engineer selection

2019 – KBO Futures League robot engineer selected as a business operator

Implementation of KOTRA Automatic Overseas Market Trend Basic Report

2020 – KOTRA Trade Investment Big Data Platform Advancement and Business AI Report Expansion Implementation

2021 – Ministry of SMEs and Startups won Digital Dream Nine in ‘Big Star Solver Platform Part 1’

2022 – Launch of ‘Cosign’, an open platform for digital asset AI prediction

◈ Oh Jong-hwan (37 years old) CEO’s bio

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Culture, Seoul National University (2012)

Master of Journalism and Information Science, Seoul National University (2014)

Seoul National University completed Ph.D. in Digital Information Convergence (2016)

Instructor at Seoul National University, College of Social Sciences (2015~present)

Representative Director of LAB2AI (2022)