The Future of Blockchain-Based Gaming

The Ozura Gamehub is the number one-use case of the Ozura metaverse. This is a collection of browser-based play-to-earn (P2E) video games that include co-op and multiplayer modes. Unlike regular online games available on Web 2.0, Ozura is kicking things up a notch by creating these adventures on the blockchain for players to access all over the world.

The decentralized system that Ozura operates on allows developers to design as many mini-games as creatively imaginable, which is why the possibilities are endless around here. The gaming ecosystem being created will also see to it that all games listed are top quality and provide a good user experience.

For players on the Ozura gaming platform, the opportunities are also without limit. Being a play-to-earn medium, users get to accumulate real wealth as they advance through the stages of their preferred games. And not just that, players can share achievements, trade exclusive NFT assets, or simply stack up these digital assets in terms of NFTs and crypto tokens.

As a platform with a dream, Ozura won’t just stop at simply creating a Web 3.0 metaverse, accessible through web browsers, we are also pressing towards creating our own native “Ozura Game launcher.” Gamers can not only launch directly into their favorite metaverse gaming worlds but also into more scalable and immersive games that cannot simply be supported solely on web browsers.

Get ready to explore a world rife with adventures on the grandest gaming scale that has been seen on and off the blockchain with the Ozura GameHub.

What is Ozura?

Ozura is an all-inclusive decentralized metaverse. Wait, that sounds a bit too robotic, yeah? All-inclusive because this project seeks to serve every type of blockchain technology user; (OG) adopters, builders, developers, and players/guests alike. Then, it’s decentralized because the community themselves dictate the direction of the project.

So, Ozura is set to create a digital world where people are free to be whatever they want, have fun playing mini-games, and yet make ends meet while doing so? Yes! There are numerous ways to make money on Ozura (more on that in the next section). This could be by procuring valuable assets on the blockchain network, or contributing to developing the gaming metaverse itself.

What does the Ozura GameHub offer?

The Ozura GameHub is comprised of the minicomponents that create the Ozura metaverse as a whole. In this “blockchain-based universe,” the different worlds in there are “gaming worlds.” So, the more games available on a metaverse, the more places to explore, and the more potential it offers for users.

The big idea here is that Ozura plans to host as many mini-games as possible. The plan is to provide something for everyone. As interest and skills differ per person, the Ozura metaverse aims to be the home for all players of all tastes.

Mini-games on the Ozura blockchain network are browser-based games. They are also called Playto-Earn (P2E) because of the earning potentials associated with them. But that’s not all there is to Ozura. As the metaverse gains more acceptance, the project would run more elaborate games through its own game launcher. This would be a Web 3.0 version of Web 2 companies like Steam or Epic games.

Let’s delve a little more into what these Ozura mini-games and the metaverse offer.

● Ozuratars

Ozuratars, or Ozura avatars, are the digital versions of players in various Ozura mini-games. Because these identities are blockchain-based, they are unique digital assets that pass as in-game NFTs. So, there you have the first major point when speaking in regards to the potential of the Ozura world.

As users advance through different levels of their games, they evolve by purchasing items, upgrading gear, pimping up their avatars, or exploring loot boxes, among other things. All of these contribute to discovering unique items in the Ozura metaverse. These items can be traded as exclusive NFT assets among players within the games or to third-party NFT collectors.

● $OZ utility token

The token for performing transactions in any Ozura game is the utility token of the Ozura ecosystem, $OZ. To start playing a game, guests would need to transact a certain amount of $OZ depending on the game requirements. And as they advance through the levels, unlocking achievements, they also collect rewards in form of $OZ tokens. This crypto asset is the basic means for paying fees while interacting with the Ozura blockchain network.

The Ozura token can be used within the gaming ecosystem to purchase power ups by converting it to in-game currency, POWR. They can also be used to purchase new items on game marketplaces. On the other hand, adopters of the currency can also earn or purchase the crypto token to HODL or stake it in their wallets to earn passive rewards.

Explore a new world of adventures

There’s more than one way to interact with the Ozura metaverse. And the goal here is to attract a handsome number of all user roles.

As developers and players navigate through the Ozura metaverse, they get to shape the digital world simultaneously. This presents a potential for users to interact with the blockchain-based gaming world, explore quests and adventures, while earning valuable digital assets in the process.

Where do you fit in? Keep reading to learn more.

Play mini-games

The role of playing games carries the largest share of those interacting with the Ozura metaverse. This includes players of the mini-games on the blockchain network. These are users who perform transactions using the $OZ token, invariably responsible for determining its value. Players also get to mint NFTs in the process of shaping their ingame avatars.

Create games

If you’re a blockchain game developer, then the Ozura metaverse is the place to put your skills to use. Developers get to create as many unique mini-games as possible and get returns such as royalties when guests interact with their creation. The more creative, adventurous, and rewarding the game is, the more potential it has to get loads of engagement on the blockchain network.

Contribute to growth

Building a gaming ecosystem on the blockchain goes beyond just developing games and sitting around waiting for players to interact. It takes deliberate effort and skills to keep such digital creation afloat. This is where the role of Builders come into play. As a builder, your duty is to make meaningful contributions to the gaming community on how to improve its efficiency, currency valuation, experience, publicity, and so on.

The all-inclusive decentralized metaverse platform is set to be launched later this year. In the meantime, you can follow our social media pages to stay updated.


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