The Meta Saga NFT PVE is part of SAGA Games which is inspired by traditional famous. SAGA is the new generation of games built on the Binance Smart Chain Network ,Polygon, Solona, Polkadot ..which gives players full ownership of their characters and rewards them for playing in a “play to earn” model of gaming.

SAGA PVE mode will be built on a perfect Engine, players can get immersed in the metaverse, you will be able to go anywhere in the SAGA world, shoot out your enemy, complete in-game quests, PVE & NFT marketplace, and much more! It is an immersive multi-region fantasy world in which players win against others by their skills.

Since pre-orders began on November 29, saga tokens have sold more than $500,000.

MetaSaga (Saga token) pre-sale Pre-sale price:0.00001 bnb / Saga Listing price:0.00001 bnb / Saga Pre-sale time: November 29th-December 10th Launch time: December 11 Purchase channel: Contract address: 0x78bf58eFB880C1Eb59DC19C1C9D53e8B059c53BA


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