TOGGLES is a character musician by seven music genres such as EDM, hip hop, reggae, jazz, folk, rock, and disco. They live one on each floor of a seven-story building called ‘NUT HEXAGON’ and live as a trainee, and through collaboration with a human singer, they go to the real world outside of NUT HEXAGON and debut as a musician.

Among the seven TOGGLES, EDM TOGGLES began to debut as musicians by releasing NFT in February 2023 and music and MV in March, and all TOGGLES will be seen in the world with the end of disco TOGGLES in February 2024.

The TOGGLES NFT will feature their blood, sweat and tears trainee lives and lifestyles such as fashion, food, and residential space, and the Fashion NFT will be published as about 2,000 species of generation NFTs for each TOGGLES based on 36 looks and 108 styles that melt TOGGLES’ identity in each music genre’s fashion heritage such as hip hop, jazz, reggae.

Holders will see TOGGLES who wearing costumes of NFT, playing instruments of NFT, and dancing and singing of NFT, on MVs, Metaverse performances and commercials in real.

Currently, TOGGLES PROJECT is campaigning to find artists who will grow with TOGGLES in areas such as music, dance, performance, NFT art, figures, Metaverse construction, and AR/VR video. The campaign, under the slogan ‘COLLABO-GROUND FOR ARTIST,’ can be found at and twitter.