Non-fungible tokens are seemingly becoming of greater interest to the overall cryptocurrency community. Some of these tokens can go for a fair amount of money, for some reason.

One of these non-fungible tokens was recently minted for roughly $129,000 in ENJ tokens this week.

A High Value for Non-fungible Tokens
That is quite a steep amount for something that one cannot touch in the physical world.

At the same time, these non-fungible tokens are extremely rare, thus their higher value does make some sense.

What makes this token of interest is how it is Dogecoin-themed.

That in itself is interesting for many different reasons.

Dogecoin is often considered to be a joke currency with no real value.

Most people would never expect a Doge-themed non-fungible token to ever amount to such a high value.

It is a very interesting NFT, and one that symbolizes Dogecoin rather perfectly.

It is not the first time that non-fungible tokens attain such a high valuation.

The Monolith, which is the previous most valuable card, is worth just $0.02 less.

While these NFTs are catering to the gaming community as a whole, it remains to be seen how long this value can remain in place.

There is still plenty of work to be done prior to the NFT ecosystem becoming remotely mainstream.


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