While noticing the launch of the P2E Metaverse game ‘MARS’, NPAS rebrands for the establishment of the digital Metaverse in earnest.

At the present, the crypto-currency has been utilized as a currency means in the Metaverse environment by going beyond the function as a simple transmission means.  And, with the solution (POW, POS, DPOS, etc.) of the problem through the hardware, differently from the past when the crypto-currency had been mined, in the Internet world, the ‘GameFi’, P2E (Play to Earn) method that mines the crypto-currency as a reward while enjoying the game has been receiving the spotlight.

The 3D MMORPG game MARS, which has been in the middle of the development at the NPAS, is based on the epic of a battle for defending the MARS, which is one’s own territory while fighting against an alien race.  The users recapture an outpost that was fallen to the enemy.  And the play the role of making MARS as the 2nd earth.

One can enjoy the game as a web game (PC, cellular phone, and tablet), in Android, in iOS, etc.  And, through the game, the users can acquire the NPAS coins.  The crypto-currency that was acquired makes doing the staking or swapping, too, with a different crypto-currency at a cross chain bridge possible.

Also, through the NFT Market, the powerful characters and the diverse equipment items can, also, be purchased.

A related source at NPAS said, “We will provide users with the best game play environment through continuous upgrades.  And through the P2E System inside the game, the ecosystem that gets converted into the NPAS, which is a good inside the game, will, also, expand unceasingly.” And the related source at NPAS conveyed, “I expect that the value, too, of the NFT that gets used for Metaverse and the block chain-based game will be able to be maximized.”


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