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Open Proprietary Protocol [OPP] will be listed on the global exchange MEXC on April 26 15:00(UTC)


Decentralized Next Generation Digital Content Platform Project OPP will be listed on the MEXC Exchange on April 26.

Based on the digital content platform, OPP creates a variety of added value and provides useful value to digital content creators and consumers. The digital content industry is the fastest growing industry in the world and is becoming the flagship business model of the 21st century.

OPP is not just an NFT for digital content, but it is used to guarantee the ownership of content creators and to encourage them. OPP is due to release a platform demo version later this year, and will be listed on the MEXC Exchange following the ProBit Global Exchange to expand its business and partnership.

With the WEB 3.0 governance model in the spotlight, the OPP platform is the most faithful platform to this platform governance. Digital content consumers can be creators at any time, digital content creators can be consumers at any time, and receive fair rewards through platform activities.

The MEXC Exchange holds a listing event to commemorate OPP’s listing. This event is an exchange sign-up event and can be participated through the event link below. Participants in the event will receive a 10% discunt on MEXC transaction fees.

Following this listing, OPP is pushing for additional listing and is focusing on developing the platform. It would be good to look forward to how the digital content platform will develop through OPP in the future.

If you want to know more about OPP, please refer to the URL below.



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