ESG is having a big craze around the world. Among ESG, governance is not limited to social communities, but has a great impact on corporate management rights. Governance for a fairer society and community system will become increasingly important as human civilization develops.

This governance is spreading not only to companies and society, but also to online digital content platforms, including social network services we use. Recently, DAO and WEB 3.0 have been mentioned a lot, and this phenomenon also proves that governance has become very important in the times.

Online platforms based on content creators and content consumers now need to have a reasonable governance system. Among them, OPP is designed to deliver information transparently using a blockchain network to introduce the most ideal governance system, and uses NFT to protect the rights and interests of content creators and copyright holders.

OPP is currently building a next-generation digital content platform with various partners and jointly developing SNS and NFT platforms accordingly. The characteristic of the OPP platform NFT is that it has both utility and workability. OPP’s NFT is basically designed to protect the copyrights and rights of content creators and can be used through the OPP network in addition to the compensation system.

The project that OPP is experimenting with is the digital content DAO model. Digital Content DAO is a structure and governance in which consumers and users form an autonomous organization to achieve their goals to sponsor specific content creators or secure specific digital content.

OPP will sponsor these users’ autonomous organizations and help them realize their goals within the OPP platform, and is developing projects to discover and foster various competent artists and content creators.

If you want to know more about OPP, please refer to the URL below.


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