Ovato, the new Digital Currency designed for everyday, real life, is setting up a real “Full Circle Economy” and if successful could post gains similar to Bitcoin. Ovato is the next generation of litecoin, developed especially for quick transactions be it Shopping, Business or  Peer-to-Peer transactions. Built for the mass adoption between consumers and merchants Ovato has taken the unique approach of developing a decentralized coin the settles in seconds, while at the same time forging strategic partnerships with traditional centralized operating  companies that are uniquely positioned and incentivized to aid the mass adoption of our coin. Furthermore due to a limited supply users are incentivized and accumulate for price appreciation.

Firstly the Ovato protocol, is designed to be extremely light and fast ideal for ease of use in small transactions. To ensure a reliable fast network Ovato participates directly in the mining protocol. Additionally Ovato has limited the maximum amount the Ovato coins that can ever be in circulation to just 34 million- making ideal for price appreciation.

 Ovato’s mandate is to forge strategic partnerships and properly provide incentives to actively employ a multi-pronged set of distribution partnerships. These partnerships are aimed at creating mass utilization and adoption for the Ovato coin, through a full-circle ecosystem. Its strategic 

Its strategic partner, Bitovation ( bitovation.com ), is providing a “boots on the ground” approach to the on-boarding of merchants into the Ovato ecosystem. Bitovation also provides enhanced tools, such as short codes, digital coupons, and SMS integration, giving merchants powerful marketing advantages, especially when they use Ovato. Additionally, Bitovation helps merchants integrate Ovato into their POS systems, and then helps the merchant offer their shoppers additional rebates, rewards, and special deals simply for using Ovato.

The other partner Owards (owards.com) offers discounts, coupon codes, and rebates in Ovato from over 2,000 nation-wide brands you already know and trust. Users can register for free and immediately receive money-saving coupon codes, and anytime a user shops online, they get rewarded back in Ovato. Users can also earn additional Ovato through their social media activity, feedback, and surveys.

Shoppers can also add additional Ovato coins by referring shoppers and promoting special offers in out universe

Owards offers discounts, rebates and rewards on everyday shopping from more than 2,000 national and international brands; you already know and already trust.

If Ovato is successful we could see Ovato trade up to $40 this year alone. Ovato currently trades on WhiteBit under the symbol OVO.


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