EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS / February 23, 2021 / The world of blockchain is undergoing a new surge of financial management. With Defi or Decentralized finance gaining colossal popularity, major blockchain platforms such as PayAccept are quickly offering unbelievable solutions.

Traditional Finance or TradeFi is slowly rising into something more decentralized as well as digitally superior. With the arrival and the utilization of blockchain technology, the whole financial sector has seen considerable disruption and modernization to a relevant degree. Various crypto payment empowered platforms, such as PayAccept, are composed to provide reliable DeFi services to ensure their client has access to cryptocurrency and fiat management, issuing card risk management, and crypto lending.

PayAccept is moving over to NEXT.chain for DeFi blockchain services with a perceptible business proposition, ready products, and market traction to ensure a quick and transparent payment network. NEXT.chain helps companies manage the crypto assets effectively, thereby becoming one of the exclusive blockchains for decentralized finance that all companies require to run crypto activities.

With various reliable partnerships and empowered functionalities, PayAccept keeps aiming to be the client’s first choice. The platform recently announced a collaboration with Digibyte and Ferrum while looking forward to a partnership with

PayAccept is a good company and part of an existing ecosystem that already operates a cryptocurrency exchange, a high throughput secure blockchain, and a digital wallet. 

Now let’s know about some of the vital pillars of PayAccept:

PayToken, or otherwise called PayT, is a token that drives utility and the PayAccept ecosystem’s value by facilitating payments between the users and the merchants through terminals and cards. Its main characteristics are its low fees with at least 60% discount, VIP memberships, and some privileges like the new features and internal formation and the loans and crowdfunding to receive the investment options and unlock the savings. Some of the other benefits include conversion to ERC721 to get dividends when licensed as an e-money institute. 

PayCard: This is a card that operates like the traditional one. Think of paying for real-life goods as well as services with the help of cryptocurrencies. With PayAccept, it is possible flawlessly. The card is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle in a crypto way. The card users get the flexibility as they can easily top up the card with minimum conversion fees, observe their balances, and convert the fiat and the crypto assets through the PayAccept. There is high security because of the EMV chip present in it that controls and locks the card. In addition to that, a user can also make use of the card in several locations.

PayAccept recently conducted a successful token sale event where the soft cap was multiple times subscribed. It is earnest to note that PayAccept ICO drew some attention as well as credibility even if they have no VC involvement. The fair launch ICO uses the decentralized crowdfunding system.

This is one of the new dawns for all merchants and users to enjoy the PayAccept ecosystem and its benefits.

Some more things to know about PayAccept:

PayAccept is developing the most advanced and safe platform for digital currency. PayAccept mission is to mend the gap between the traditional and the digital financial institutes. It aims to rectify the anomaly by making a platform that will assist individuals and companies in managing crypto assets effectively. PayAccept also offered technological solutions for all merchants to accept payments in crypto across the world.

The headquarter of PayAccept is in Netherland. It offers its clients cryptocurrency and fiat payment processing, card issuance, along with risk management services.

Many people depend on the service of cryptocurrency trading platforms for the management of their assets. Problems arise when this platform shut down without any announcement.

As these platforms offer wallets to their users, therefore, private keys are also in their custody. There are high chances of financial loss when such keys fall into the hands of some wrong people.

Many crypto wallets have not executed the multi-signature smart contracts, which offers room for security while managing the crypto assets.

PayAccept makes an effort to help individuals and companies efficiently manage their assets, including their private keys problems. PayAccept integrating the Bitcoin Lightning network and the Raiden network to enable lightning transactions. With a sole unified interface, users get access to several services on the platform.

To conclude, PayAccept provides a simple platform for all peoples that will help them to manage their crypto assets easily.

Media Contact:

Company: PayAccept B.V.
Contact: Chris van Steenbergen
Telephone: +31 85 3060300
E-mail: [email protected]

SOURCE: PayAccept B.V.


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