K-pop virtual human idol group ETERNITY’s production company Pulse9 (CEO: Jenna Park) drew attention by the preview of ETERNITY’s Zae-In NFT Project at “NFT NYC 2022”, the NFT conference held in New York on 20-23 June.

ETERNITY’s Zae-In NFT project will release a total of 1,000 NFTs. A part of the 1,000 NFTs was pre-released at NFT NYC 2022. The project features Zae-In’s various aspects, such as idol, virtual fashion creative director, and environmental guardians.

The unique benefits of holding ETERNITY’s Zae-In NFT (ZAEIN NFT) include vouchers and discounts for purchasing the items designed by Zae-In herself as a virtual fashion creative director, as well as invitations to performances and private fan meetings. The Zae-In NFT, which will be auctioned, also includes various unique gifts worth 10 million won.

Visitors of “NFT NYC 2022” showed their interest in ETERNITY’s Zae-In NFT. “I’m looking forward to a new business using virtual idol’s metaverse,”  “ETERNITY Zae-In NFT is as different as ETERNITY Zae-In’s various charms,” said visitors.

“This is our pleasure to draw the audience’s attention to the experience with Zae-In NFT at ‘NFT NYC 2022′, the world’s largest global NFT event,” Jenna, CEO of Pulse9, mentioned.

“It can be said that the value of NFT is determined by how much it benefits the holder’. ETERNITY’s Zae-In NFT is a special product that enables virtual idol commerce. The owner can experience an immersive virtual reality that connects real and virtual life based on the worldview of ETERNITY. Therefore, Zae-In NFT holders can also connect to metaverse goods,” Jenna explained.

ETERNITY presents a special and solid worldview called “AIIA”. It shows infinite possibilities beyond the limits of real characters. ETERNITY will be active and also continue its value leap through various collaborations and activities, such as launching the social game and being the producer of the next-generation virtual idol project called “Next AI.DOL”.

Meanwhile, ETERNITY is the world’s first virtual human K-pop girl group idol, drawing keen attention with favourable reviews from global media as “K-pop Virtual Human Idol” and “K-pop’s New Media” with three digital singles since the group’s debut in March 2021.

The MV of the third single “Paradise”, released at the end of April 2022, has reached 1 million YouTube views within two days. Now it has 4.4 million YouTube views, showing ETERNITY’s global popularity. In addition, ETERNITY has been recently making fans’ hearts race by communicating with global fans through real-time live technology.


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