Cryptocurrency mining is not merely a way to make money. Miners play a significant role in blockchain networks as they solve critical mathematical problems, create new blocks, and authenticate user’s transactions. Miners protect blockchains from block frauds and hacker intrusions, thereby offering security in transactions. However, the existing crypto-mining process deals with certain challenges that result in inefficiencies. Following are two major impediments that cryptocurrency mining process deals with:-

• A primary internal factor is data transmission loss during the crypto-mining process. Inaccurate data reading and reconstruction often result in the loss of hash rates.

• Excessive consumption of electricity is a critical external factor impacting the mining process. Heat, as well as static loss, leads to the depletion of electricity efficiency, evidently affecting mining profitability.

REBGLO – The Solution

The REBGLO Mining system envisions to solve the inefficiencies of crypto mining with its dedicated Data Transmission System (DTS). This system is engineered to solve scalability issues and reduce power consumption in cryptocurrency mining. In fact, a recent test revealed that technology showed a 17.2% improvement in hash/s. Another key element of the REBGLO project is HETTARER, which is an electromagnetically treated conductive paper that reduces the electromagnetic noise and extends the battery life of the device by 20-40%.

Data Transmission System

The normal crypto-mining process includes reading and reconstruction of data that is recorded in numerous unoccupied spaces on the disc. The conventional process is arduous and time-consuming.

Benefits of using DTS system in virtual cryptocurrency mining

• Optimized Computing Performance
By gathering relevant data for processing on the main memory, and combining it with instruction parallelization in the crypto-mining process, it significantly improves the operation performance.

• Boost Mining Speed and Revenue
DTS system enables to obtain mining income at higher levels than combinations that include conventional mining software and mining computers.

HETTARER Technology

REBGLO has designed a unique electromagnetic sticker that is adjusted elementary particles into a constitution state. These particles build a protective layer that repels electromagnetic noise, which is important factor affecting battery longevity. These stickers have a notable lifespan of 90 days and are currently available for smartphones and many other battery-operated gadgets.

The HETTARER stickers were originally developed in Japan and use conductive paper to collect the charged particles from electric currents generating naturally from devices as well as air. These particles are then ameliorated by the heat occurring from the device’s battery, resulting in reduced charging times and extended battery life. By merely sticking the sticker on the back of the device, users can improve the overall battery performance by 20-40%. Additionally, it can also be used on car batteries and other battery-operated household appliances.

HETTARER Technology in Crypto-Mining

HETTARER also reduces the high frequency of electric devices by 90%, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of the crypto-mining process. Many tests have revealed that the HETTARER sticker improves data mining speeds as well as its results. In the timespan of 24 hours, the sticker showed a 133% increase in Monero data mining and a 114% increase in Monero mining within 48-hours by multi-currency mining pool of MinerGate.

REBGLO – Making Cryptocurrency Mining More Rewarding

REBGLO project aims to extend effective and powerful software as well as hardware solutions in order to improve the existing cryptocurrency mining process. The company further plans to enter into the ‘Electric Power Business’ and ‘Energy’ business and develop its own electric power company. With their solutions, the ecosystem intends to simplify cryptocurrency mining in order to make it more efficient and profitable for the users.

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