ShowMeta is a Web3 gaming platform that connects players to their favorite Web3 games and Metaverses. As an App, it empowers the community to play their favorite games, synthesize NFTs, and earn crypto. As a platform, ShowMeta allows builders to create their own Metaverse and token economy that integrate with the grand ShowMeta ecosystem.

The ShowMeta platform gives developers full access to all the Web3 features they need to get a blockchain game up and running, including a mobile wallet, an NFT marketplace and other tools. The company will also provide experts to help developers jumpstart their in-game economies.

ShowMeta helps gamers to start playing without any upfront investment and with seamless onboarding experience. Then it slowly introduces them to the Web3 world by helping them mint free NFTs, buy premium NFTs and unlock more value in Web3.

ShowMeta Sign-Up Airdrop

Now, ShowMeta starts the sign-up campaign. The 2,000 addresses that register successfully will get NFT airdrops and the acquired NFT will be able to mine $SHOW for revenue. The NFT is a Survival Shovel, around $200-$300 per one, so this airdrop is unprecedented. Just register on the official website to get NFT airdrop.

ShowMeta website:

This airdrop boosts ShowMeta’s large registration campaign and allows more users to enter the Web3 world to explore more possibilities. Participants only need to register on ShowMeta’s official website to become a user, a simple email address and a Binance Smart Chain Testnet address will get everything done, the operation is simple and convenient. ShowMeta, which aspires to be a comprehensive platform for Web3, hopes to let more users join Web3 and enjoy its more functions and performance.

Play, Socialize, Create Web3 Games & Metaverse Experience

The ShowMeta platform has a very large number of features that make it especially convenient and smooth for users and players.


The NFT Hub makes it easy to browse, search and discover new and popular collections. Track and claim your rewards or trade and purchase new items to boost your skills or earnings.

The NFT Hub is here to serve players and traders in accelerating and utilizing the in-game assets to create economies surrounding it. Synthesize, create, buy, or sell items and assets that you can use in game to maximize your earnings.

You can discover exclusive digital collectibles and their non-fungible tokens in the NFT Marketplace. It’s for beginners, experts, and everyone in-between, who wants to become a part of incredible NFT world.

Guild Hub

The Guild Hub is a one-stop social and information hub for gaming guilds and their scholarships programs. Giving users a place to easily check the latest updates and to check what they need to do if and when they are ready to join a gaming guild.

Inside the Guild Hub, each guild has its own section to display news and information about roles and players they are seeking. Players will be able to track their favorite ones and not miss a beat.

As ShowMeta grows, so will the industry and its expanding player-base. The Guild Hub will be the social center that connects players and guilds in the most meaningful way.

It’s the town square for your friends and your guild. Connect with other guilds and their members, compare stats, games, events and even team up to improve your earnings strategy.

Play Hub

The Play Hub is your one stop shop for all of your Web3 games.

As the industry grows and more Metaverses are created, there will be a need to organize and easily access your favorite titles. Which is exactly what the Play Hub is here for.

Acting as ShowMeta’s management interface, it serves its purpose as an aggregator to provide access to all of the most popular Metaverses, making them available at your fingertips.

Here in the Hub, you’ll be able to access new titles, checking and comparing stats amongst friends, keeping up with your daily challenges and more!

It’s an easy to use interface that allows you to smoothly explore and discover new games, as well as keep up to date with both the games you already play and the communities you love.

Metaverse Hub

In the ShowMeta Metaverse, you can mine materials, synthesize assets that are represented as NFTs, and earn crypto.

The ShowMeta Metaverse is a social hub where you can connect with other players and access other Web3 games. This is your gateway and opportunity to enter the Metaverse, giving you access to many Metaverse opportunities.

In short, ShowMeta is your comprehensive platform for accessing Web3. It allows users to take full advantage of distributed ledger technology in a secure and transparent manner. It provides developers with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that eliminates the difficulty normally associated with building blockchain-based games. Visit their homepage to sign-up and get one of the 2,000 spots for free NFT to mine $SHOW!

ShowMeta website: