TARI WORLD, a metaverse-based total business/networking solution, announced that it has completed security verification from SlowMist, a blockchain-specialized verification company.

Tari World is a metaverse-based total solution that provides an environment for business and networking as comfortably as offline by matching users with common interests in business-related content. Users can express and appeal their individuality and style by decorating their characters and spaces within Tari World, and can also hold events such as fan meetings and branding events. In addition, there is no fee incurred when a matched business contract is made within Tari World, so users can receive a complete total solution from the beginning to the end of the business.

Tari World has been verified for the safety of its own token, TARI WORLD, through the security audit of SlowMist. TARI TOKEN passed a total of 14 security verification items, and through this, it was recognized that there was no problem with listing on the digital asset exchange.

The TARI WORLD LTD said, “By passing the security verification, we are able to build a safe and transparent Tari World ecosystem. Slowmist’s security audit will increase the process and reliability of Tari World and contribute to creating a safe ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Tari World is currently holding an airdrop event through the official community, and the news of passing SlowMist security audit is raising expectations from users.

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