Recently, as global warming accelerates, the demand for renewable energy and Energy Kodex is steadily increasing.

The Energy Kodex is a project that aims to create an ecosystem in which city residents can participate in energy production through energy harvesting and energy terminals, which are core technologies.

According to the International Energy Agency, the number of renewable energy power generation facilities will increase further compared to 2021, and it is expected to achieve a power generation capacity of 320 GW this year. This is comparable to the electricity used in Germany as a whole.

The reason for the increase of renewable energy power generation facilities around the world is to achieve carbon neutrality by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And the ultimate goal is to stop the acceleration of global warming.

Even now, global warming has accelerated and the nutrients available from seafood have decreased. If global warming continues at the current rate, the rainforest ecosystem will be destroyed within a few decades and many marine life will become extinct.

The Energy Kodex will establish energy harvesting around the world to lead the energy independence of major cities, and based on this, will prevent global warming. Energy Kodex’s urban wind turbines have already proven their performance and are being exported to Thailand and Mongolia.

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