Many things are changing rapidly amid the flood of digital information. This information and communication revolution had a tremendous impact on us. Typically, now we don’t have space constraints when communicating with anyone.

It’s not just that. We can easily collect the information we want anywhere and process it to create new value. In particular, new content, which was impossible to create in the past, is being created in a row, and there are no limitations for users who consume it because it is not limited by space.

The digital content market is an industry that shows the right growth amid the development of the digital industry. Digital content has no limit to expansion, but there is also no limit to creation. Therefore, it is not a standardized market, but a market that changes every moment and creates a new form.

The birth of the Open Proprietary Protocol[OPP] platform.

The OPP platform was established to give producers and consumers maximum value in this infinite market and fundamentally solve problems that adversely affect the market.

Facebook has already held hearings in the past due to negative algorithm abuse cases, and most content platforms are not playing the true role of content platforms to improve their profitability.

OPP thoroughly protected the rights and interests of users as a whole and further solved the ownership and copyright issues of digital content creators through the OPP process. In addition, we reward both creators and consumers with a fair incentive system. Users may no longer be robbed secretly by established content platforms.

Development plan and strategy.

Currently, OPP is focusing on developing an NFT blockchain network. The NFT of OPP is not the commercial NFT we know.

The true role of NFT is not to create new digital works or models of revenue, but to correct the rights and interests of digital content creators.

In the future, the future of OPP will be with the development of the digital content market and will be reborn as a representative digital content platform.

If you are more curious about the OPP project, please refer to the URL below.


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