is a ready-to-deploy open metaverse platform designed by creatives and built to be accessible to all. It provides a rich, interactive experience that facilitates socialization, education, entertainment, commerce, and much more. This is achieved via a performance-optimized virtual world where users can build and buy 3D assets like buildings and highly detailed models.

Their native token, $PAXW, can be used for various exciting purchases within their NFT system, including access to exclusive areas, items, gestures, and skills. Their citizens can also make an income by providing virtual content and products; offering customizable features for avatars or land; and even selling real-world items that can be delivered directly to a customers’ door.

An Opportunity For Early Investors

In the digital realm, is an island made up of roughly 30,000 hexagonal land parcels, 20,000 of which are primed for land sales to the community. These parcels are broken into different pricing tiers that correspond to their distance from crucial features like architect-designed buildings, communal areas, and coastlines to cater to as many budgets as possible.

Investors can view all available parcels using’s internally-developed land sale app. With it, investors can easily pick their favorite spot — a coastal property, a hill with a beautiful view, or somewhere nice and quiet.

Even before their citizens arrive, parcel owners will be able to develop their land into the metaverse environments of their dreams. After that, parcel owners will be able to monetize their content or rent their parcels to citizens for a passive income. Investors that get in early will have a head-start on creating monetizable experiences and acquiring rentable land.

The Next Generation Metaverse

While several metaverses are currently in development, is a tier above the rest. Believing that immersion is the key to a fantastic metaverse experiences, they are using next-generation technologies to create a world that feels truly real.

They are the first metaverse building tool that enables its citizens to create life-like avatars using high-resolution facial scanning. Further, features Zoom-style video and audio streaming capabilities ready for social metaverse experiences of all sizes — from one-on-ones to booming raves.

Beyond that, it is built on top of the Unity 3D gaming engine, where world-renowned artists and architects have created stunning environments that won’t require powerful devices to run. As a result, it enables anyone to have high-end experiences without needing high-end gear — whether on a primary computer, on a virtual reality headset, or the phone, will always look and feel great.

These technologies leave their citizens exploring a world that feels alive, one where they experience digital events on a whole new level, and one where they make real connections with others along the way.


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