Unicrypt Network, a unique DeFi platform that combines a decentralized launchpad and liquidity locking for Uniswap, is turning public in the next four weeks.

The project backers are excited about the staggering adoption. Unicrypt has seen since launch, total liquidity locked in its AMM pools surpass the $500M mark.

Unicrypt is working to instil trust in the DeFi world by safeguarding users against rug pools. The decentralized services provider is developing many new features such as token vesting and a token minter. The project also boasts of a brand new website that is ready to be launched. 

Other recent developments include support for the migration to PancakeSwap V2 pools and the recently unveiled Bot to help users track all liquidity locks on the Ethereum blockchain.

The highly anticipated token vesting options are currently in the audit phase and are expected to be finalized soon. The service will be made available across all four chains on which Unicrypt is deployed and will undoubtedly fit perfectly with the project’s scalable and autonomous ILO Platform and liquidity lockers.

The upcoming features on the Unicrypt roadmap are entirely unique on the crypto market. Here is a look at the latest efforts the project is making to provide a best-in-class decentralized service that will disrupt the DeFi space.

Unicrypt Updates Its ILO Requirements

In a May 6th tweet, the Unicrypt team announced plans to update their ILO requirements on both Ethereum and Binance Smart chain (BSC). The ILO requirements update seeks to increase the adoption of the Launchpad. 

In an effort to ease the access to UNCL tokens on BSC, the Unicrypt team is adding $400k of liquidity into the UNCL/BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. To this end, the team minted $200K worth of UNCL sourced from Unicrypt funds in this transaction on ETH. They then bridged the tokens to the Binance Chain.

Now that the protocol has enough liquidity on PancakeSwap, Unicrypt has decided to activate UNCL and UNCX holding requirements for round 1 on BSC and adjust it for the Ethereum chain. 

Investors wishing to participate in the first round of any ILO hosted on Unicrypt must now hold 3 UNCX or 50 UNCL on the chain where the presale is happening. 

Currently, there are no requirements on a specific holding/staking period when participating in round 1. However, this will change further along in the roadmap to guarantee allocations for stakers. Stay tuned to Unicrypt’s Telegram and Twitter for updates on that front!

Introducing Phase Two of Farming Options

The Unicrypt project has recently activated its new farms on the ETH blockchain, scheduled to run from May 8th until July 8th, 2021. 

The second phase of farming options will be the last ones under the current farming-as-a-service contracts on Unicrypt; after their conclusion, the protocol will shift to its new UNCX and UNCL farms that will come along with ILO fees distribution and staking options.

The new farms include two pairs that will offer diverse rewards to yield farmers. The UNCL/ETH farm provides users with a higher block reward than the previous UNCL farms. The APY will be calculated depending on the liquidity staked on the farm.

The second farming vault activated on Unicrypt is the UNCX/ETH Pair that will reward liquidity providers with $200k worth of USDC over the next two months. 


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