We live in an age where the Metaverse is quickly becoming a household topic. Today, we have many of these projects jostling for market share, each claiming to be the best. Yet, for all the good that they may bring, most have several flaws. For starters, they’re inaccessible to many. That’s because they charge high access fees and require you to have high-end devices. Thus, they’ve tended to be a preserve of the crypto-wealthy.

Additionally, the platforms lack communication tools making user interactions depend on clunky game-play mechanics. Further, their avatars are unrealistic, limiting your options for real-life personalization. But all this is about to change with the entry of pax.world. So what is it? What makes it unique from other similar products?

Understanding pax.world

Pax.world is a meta-universe that enables interested parties to create and engage with each other within a virtual island. Within pax.world, users can build communities of different cultures like sports and fashion. The platform stands out from most metaverse projects because it already has a functional 3D world that launched back in February 2021. Pax.world also just won the best metaverse award at AIBC Summit in Dubai, beating Decentraland and The Sandbox.

One can explore beautiful digital landscapes, meet new friends, and participate in virtual events on the platform. It also facilitates transitions between devices and 3D spaces, enabling it to pave the way for brand new realities.

As a pax.world member, you’re part of a community of creators pushing the boundaries of social interaction. They do so using immersive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. The platform’s core values include collaboration and community. So it supports users interacting with each other in creative ways.

How’s pax.world any different from the other Metaverses?

A Fully Immersive User Experience

The project emphasizes gamification, which it considers crucial for user acquisition and engagement. Therefore, pax.world will provide you with:

  • Custom 3D spatial audio and video plus a text chat engine
  • Branded Avatar merchandise and designer goods
  • Custom 3D asset loaders and virtual land generation
  • VR-Commerce enabling ship@home with credit card checkouts
  • Non-fungible token integrations
  • Ability to create in-game bots
  • Land ownership and power and influence leveling

Digital Economy

Pax.world is a digital economy. Its native token PAXW powers the ecosystem, supporting revenue generation and the transfer of value on macro and micro levels. You can use PAXW to:

  • Trade in-game assets -includes skins, buildings, and other assets
  • Trade real estate assets — you can trade or lease virtual lands, venues, and even advertisement spots
  • Conclude social transactions — transfer value for in-game services such as education, entertainment, etc

Support for virtual presences and services

Pax.world’s all-inclusive approach covers the needs of consumers and businesses alike. To that end, it supports individuals and firms in creating virtual presences for their services. You can use that feature to offer different commercial services, including:

  • Art gallery displays — showcase and sell high-value NFTs
  • Education centers — provide learners with immersive learning experiences
  • Gaming services — provide gamers with gaming centers for all levels of experience
  • Venues and arena — host different events virtually
  • Advertising — offer virtual billboards to those in need
  • Host businesses — create virtual business headquarters and customer support centers

What makes pax.world’s metaverse unique?

At the core of this Metaverse is Land, a collection of 28K virtual parcels of land. The community owns this land in the form of NFTs. Owning a piece of land enables you to tap into several benefits.

Firstly you can create your subverses. You can create your unique world, community, and economy. You may also let your land for income and have exclusive access to NFTs through airdrops. Finally, you can create and monetize your content, boosting your income.

Author’s Thoughts

Pax.world is an excellent opportunity for content developers to get involved in a project that allows them to focus on their strengths. The project will attract designers, creators, and buyers alike. Its safe and trusted environment is attractive for buyers and has a large selection of content on offer.

It’s also attractive for creators who’ll be enticed by opportunities to build marketplaces, social hubs, and even games to their liking. Further, the project is also compelling for developers because it allows them to create bespoke metaverse experiences that they can integrate into the pax.world. It’s not often that a project enables you to do so many things at once!


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