Introduction to UssCyber


UssCyber is on the verge of creating a platform which helps people in trading football tokens on technology of blockchain. The primary motive of the company is to create amongst entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to get creative, innovative and also be able to offer token all around the world. Blockchain is the answer to a lot of problems and ranges in a diversity of products, from technology industry to finance to security. There are still many unopened doors which give way to new sectors to be explored.

However, UssCyber aims to feature itself as one of the top five largest blockchain companies in the global market and at the top position in sports. The idea is quite unique and efficient. The football token created is based on live data of the team. This ensures that the supply and demand of the token will not be the strongest point. With a plan to operate over 95 countries with 2700 soccer teams, the long term goal for the company is to introduce top 10 sports of the world in their company and become the largest blockchain technology in the world. 


Vision of UssCyber

The vision of the company is to promote sports and also aid the stabilization of the blockchain market as it is a vital avenue for investments. Also, the company aims to provide the fans of sports the capacity of be able to trade tokens for the teams they love. They also tend to create a global cryptocoin network which allows you to support sports. All the statistical data can be recorded with the data types of the company which helps in categorizing people into clubs and also helps in financing via blockchain.


Why choose UssCyber for blockchain services?

  1. Transparency

The entire process from performance recording, to trading, to finally finance processing is kept transparent to ensure trust between the customers and the company. This ensures that you can sure on what you are investing, and how it is being used for your benefit as asked and allowed by you. All the records will be on live data and the same performance algorithm benchmark will be used. With annual audits, you can sure that the transparency will be maintained as it is a FinCEN registered Company.

2. Long term achievement

The company plans to become the number blockchain platform with 10 sports on its platform. The long term achievement and profit goals are quite high and investing or trading via this platform will surely be profitable given the circumstances.

3. Unique idea

The idea of the company based blockchain is quite unique all across the globe. They plan to become the best blockchain technology in the world with ten sports on their platform and right now they operate among the five largest ones.

4. Security

The whole process is quite secure and is encrypted from third party access. There is a facility of voice security code verification, Google authenticator, email and SMS push messaging, biometrics, WFCE app, and SQRL authentication and verification as well.

5. Offers data on team performance

All the data on the performance of the team will be made available so that trading can be made a wise decision and the fans can support their favourite teams based on statistical approach and not based on fluke. This will be the first platform of its kind to provide live data on the performance of the team.

6. Available via mobile application

The use and utility of the company’s services can be made even better with the introduction of the same on a mobile application. Thus, you can use UssCyber on your mobile as well.

Join the UssCyber Telegram group and Twitter feed to keep up to date with the project. You can also check out the work that the team has been doing by visiting their website. Finally, if you would like to buy their football token (WFCE), it is available right now on the ExMarkets Exchange. Links are below.

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Contact person: WSCE Team

Company Name: UssCyber Inc.

Country: USA

Email: [email protected]



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