The gaming industry (and the use of NFTs) has quickly become one of the main drivers for the mass adoption of blockchain. Many giants in the gaming industry know this very well and are investing heavily in the development of blockchain-based video games or features that utilize the technology. From now and in the next few years, blockchain and its countless possibilities are expected to invade the daily lives of gamers.


Shiba meta War is the blockchain game on #BSC that tells the story of the war between Shiba Heroes and Monster. The Shiba Meta War game is inspired by the Shiba Inu coin on the Binance Smart Chain network. By using the gaming environment, Players may enter the battle using their Shiba Heroes to earn $SHM token.

Quick GamePlay Overview


The Shiba Heroes have to complete the daily quests by fighting the Monster. The player first chooses the Heroes to use in the battle. The enemy will show up with the Heroes win rate and associated experience (EXP), rewards (in SHM token). The player will have to pay a BNB gas fee in combat with the Demons. If they win, they will receive the EXP and SHM token.

Players shall strategically choose the Demons because the win rate will vary with the earned reward and EXP. Picking the Demons enemy wisely will maximize the player’ earning


Players can participate in the training mode with other players. Before training, both players have to deposit a predefined amount of SHM token; which will be distributed to the winner to increase their rank on the golden board.


The NFT Shiba Meta War game project has already demonstrated its development potential. Thousands of fans on Shiba Meta War official Telegram Twister prove the appeal of this gaming platform. With unique game art, an experienced team, and strong supporters, Shiba Meta War may become a hidden gem in 2022 and one of the most promising NFT games.


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