As I am writing this article, we are seeing big crypto consolidation, a lot of investment is made towards Metaverse Crypto Tokens. One of best investment strategies to make profits with crypto is very easy. Try to find good projects and invest as early as possible, and this is the main method for over 90% crypto holders that get rich with crypto. They choose only handful of tokens and buy them on presale or very early when they got on exchange and hope they hit the motherload. But, how do you find this crypto gems?

Decentraland (MANA) and Axie Infinity are definitely winners in end of the year 2021. But, also we are seeing some new coins, metaverse coins.

Why I am talking about this?

Because a lot of investments is shifting towards Metaverse, very few crypto tokens will be ready to be used in real world and in Metaverse.

Here comes the Qardcoin token, their unique blockchain payment gateway will connect retail and E-commerce payments. That way, Qardcoin token delivers the lowest rates compared to traditional payment gateways.

Also it will be ready to be fully integrated in all metaverse and e-commerce cryptos currently on the crypto market.

Because of that we can see Qardcoin token to rule virtual world, and be the first crypto token widely used in virtual metaverse worlds. Bitcoin was first in real world, and you know what happens when you are first in something? Big Return of Investment.

This is all very exciting and innovative stuff. Qardcoin Token will also connect with all biggest metaverse tokens and plans to be first e-commerce in metaverse. It will be interesting to see projects similar to Qardcoin, because the idea and team behind it are so good that we have no doubt it will shake the crypto community.


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